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The struggle of the people for a cause they see just and right is the basic theme of the painting. However, where the struggle is apparent in the painting, to understand the cause of it requires the knowledge of the background of the conditions of France at that time.

Whereas history tells us that the struggle was justifiable, considering the condition of France at the time, however the destruction of the war, the fury of the people and the apparent need to bring a change through a struggle seems to be more dominant feature of the work.

Personal Response: Art through itself tries to tell the right from the wrong in the society. It tries to ignite in people the spirit of a similar intensity that they feel inside themselves through their work. If the artist has chosen to highlight a certain moment in history, then it is for sure to be an important aspect for him, and thus was chosen as the subject. But by making this choice, the artist has also decided to immortalize the cause and the struggle of the people. He has made these people be heroes through his canvas -- who fight for the just and right!


Artist and arts takes upon itself a bigger responsibility than just the documentation of art; raising awareness and highlighting an issue is also a major part of art. The idea always is that since art is a visual medium and it can connect with more people -- as compared to the written word -- it should render its services for the betterment of the mankind. Photography further refined the trade as it was able to capture moments within seconds, and doubting their authenticity was mostly out of question. They could capture the true human emotions and conditions and then be used to tell the world a story of a different kind.

The image of the little boy standing against the machine, bare foot, scared, holding tight to the sides of the machine, seems to be unsure of himself, but he doesn't know that he needs to survive. And therefore has said goodbye to his childhood and now toils at the factory for 15 cents a day! The cause that the artist is highlighting is pretty simple; child labor is wrong and cannot be justified.

Personal Response: The grey of the black and white image seems to add more to the gloominess of the image. The image is clear in what it wants to highlight, in what it wants people to see -- that this is wrong. A child doesn't belong in such an environment and an attempt has been made to give the cause a face -- to tell the story of the impact of this wrong through the image of this scared little boy!


The purpose that most artists feel in life is to bring the truth out through their medium to the general masses. And it is therefore a need for them to constantly question the environment in which they exist. They -- when working and mixing with the masses -- learn the truth of their condition, which is seen to be directly represented in their work. As an active member of the Communist Party of Mexico and belonging to the Mexican Mural Paintings, his art works were a mere representation of his ideology and the truth of life that he saw around him.

Personal Response: The major area of his canvas are grey, showing industrial waste, and representative of the Industrial Era, where man had little value. The child crying, made prominent by the perspective of his face, represents the plight of the people which they suffer in the hands of the fascists. It is a social commentary about the state of things in the time in which he lived, and thus indicative of the sensitivity of the artist himself.


There are certain art forms and techniques that have been synonymous with each craft, bust portraits usually being perceived as a typical bronze made form. But the bust made by Robert Arneson of the slain San Francisco mayor was more of a commentary on some of the truth and injustices surrounding the death of George Moscone. Whereas the quotes of Moscone were a testimony to the greatness of this man, the bullet holes and the yellow Twinkie were a constant reminder of how many weaknesses the Justice System has. It is no wonder then that the work was rejected when the artist refused to make the "acceptable" changes to the piece. The piece didn't conform to the traditional concepts, but instead raised questions

Personal Response: When viewing the art work, it is apparent enough that the views of George Moscone were close to the artist, which does explain to an extend the approach he took in his piece. It also feels that the artist realized the importance of his piece as a medium through which he can communicate to the masses and in a way pay tribute to the life and death of "George."


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