Power Struggle Essay

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[. . .] All of this is much significant to the development of the image that China is trying to exhibit to the world, that of the new Super Power. Much of this super power was even displayed by the agreements that were signed between the two head of the states, which included 200 Boeing Jets, a railroad contract with General Electronics, approximately 235,000 jobs, besides promises of furthering such economic ties (Heffernan, 201).

Today it is China whose help is being seeked by a once Super Power to bail out the economy. This step taken is fundamentally important to the Obama Administration, considering that the elections are closing up. Also the Administration has been much bashed in public and political circles regarding its incapability to bailout the many banks or for limiting the bailout to Wall Street. This has meant that unemployment has reached an all time high in the U.S.A. And this step was an extremely important one for the U.S.A. To save its face until the next election.

From the Point-of-view of National Interest, this deal for China is important twofold. Firstly, they have developed the image that they have longed for so long. And secondly, many of the concerns and dictations that it had to take from the U.S.A. regarding its role in Korea and Taiwan or Africa will be lowered considerably. In this visit, these concerns were only mentioned as sub-texts and not highlighted like they had been previously, which indicates that China has successfully achieved what it wanted to.

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From the American National Interest point-of-view, this was an important deal if some form of economic stability or at least even the promise of it could be made, and in this regards the deal was a success.

From the economic point-of-view, this has been highlighted as the second determinant factor in International Relations, there are economic gains for both the states. While China would ultimately gain more freedom to do trade with the U.S.A., USA too would profit from such deals at such a crucial time.


Essay on Power Struggle, it Would Not Assignment

The development of this sort of understanding has only been made possible by the fact that there have history has been taken into account when trying to see the reasons of conflict between the two states. This understanding is the ultimate result of looking in to World Politics from a new position and a fresh perspective, which takes all sorts of agents into account.

China is no doubt a new power that has slowly come in the foreground. However, this emergence was not easy and was only made possible after a sheer determination and diplomacy from the part of China. Today they are the biggest exporter and a voice to be heard on the International Political Stage. They have changed the shape of how the game had been played for so long by understanding the different areas in which they can intrude to create an impact.

USA however is quickly losing its turf as the Super Power! This is much a result of the many areas in which it has gotten itself without a way out anymore. Waging two wars has slowly meant an eating up of the financial resources of the United States, and while attention was being maintained on those wars, little attention has been paid to the slowly boiling pot at home, which has finally busted with people out on the street protesting against the Government day in and out. The Occupy Wall Street is a spinoff of the economic recession and would not be curbed until more serious solutions are taken at home to give the people their rights. This would mean further corporations with other states, especially China, in bringing a change.

Politics is not easy to grasp; it requires an understanding of both the future and the past and the spinoff of every decision that is being made. It requires compromises and a fresh look on things every now and then. But what it does require is a Global understanding of all the things happening, so that the full realization of the impact of every decision can be created.

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