PR Tools for Specific Strategy Term Paper

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PR Tools for Specific Strategy

The public relation tools that are essential for this strategy are news conference, and community event. These tools are the most essential since they will reach the targeted population effectively while at the same time they are cost effective, especially the news conference which costs so little. In order for these tools to work effectively towards attaining the organization's goals then proper organization is required during and prior to their happening.

Organizing a news/press conference

A news conference, commonly known as a press conference, is usually carried out having a number of goals in mind. The intention of the organization is to host an event that is visible and shows the depth and breadth of support for the healthcare program being presented while at the same time illustrating the effect of being uninsured. It also aims at demonstrating a community wide commitment to solving the problem of the uninsured, gaining local press coverage that drives attention to the campaign's messages and activities, putting a human face on the issue by sharing specific stories about the uninsured, highlighting the range of activities that will be carried out, and promoting local enrollment events.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on PR Tools for Specific Strategy Assignment

To ensure success for a press conference, the organizers need to create a budget for the event that comprises items such as materials reproduction, event signs and staging, and audio-visual equipment. It is also necessary that a timeline is created for the event and sites that are easily accessible to the media are identified and secured. The organizers should also identify and help prepare press conference spokespersons; work with coalition partners to build attendance; coordinate the release of research; develop, tailor, copy and assemble print press materials; prepare talking points for spokespersons; provide media training to uninsured spokespersons and others needed; work with spokespersons to ensure they are able to participate; call reports to publicize the press conference and to encourage coverage and attendance at the event; and set up the venue. It is important that individuals and organizations be contacted for ideas during the organization process these may include medical professionals, hospitals, health clinics, community health centers, uninsured people, teachers and other school officials. All these events occur before the event but at a sequence with some happening as early as four weeks before the event and others a day to the event, it is thus necessary to organize them in the right order (Well Stone, 2010).

Since this is not going to be the last event for the organization it is essential that follow ups are made to help evaluate the success of the event and make sure it is completely successful. It is necessary to follow up with media representatives who requested additional information or who showed interest but were not able to attend. Thank you notes should also be sent to all speakers and coalition partners who participated and also ensure that any rented equipment is returned. It is also advisable to track and update media lists, and to organize folders and files for future use (Well Stone, 2010).

Organizing a community event

Community events are basically planned to promote product sales or raise organizational visibility. Such events attract crowds thus require very well coordinated planning with consideration given to issues such as logistics, possible disruptions from the crowd, safety and amount of staffing required. The event organizers should be concerned about the traffic flow, adequate restroom facilities, signage and security. It is necessary that off-duty police officers are hired to handle crowd control, protect government officials or celebrities, and to ensure that no disruptions take place. In such events, it is also essential that liability insurance is obtained to insure against accidents that may result in lawsuits charging negligence. It is therefore the mandate of the organizers to ensure this insurance cover is present. A number of community events use public property such as public streets and parks which needs permits, it is thus necessary that the organizers acquire the necessary permits prior to the event (Essortment, 2002).

The organizers will also be required to identify those who will be participating, the activities that will take place and come up with a time plan to ensure everything takes place at the right time and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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