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With the full and complete embracing of the information age there are many issues of intellectual property rights that are becoming increasingly cloudy.

Boucher 102-105) the information super highway, offers options for electronic information that can be easily and quickly distributed between users with little effort and usually little if any money. Sharerers of things like full length feature films, and copyrighted print and music files profess that the proliferation of information is essential to growth. This work will argue that despite the growth of technology that will eventually ensure that such downloads are as clear as they would be if obtained through legitimate means the proliferation of free information, online should remain available wherever it is legal and that to ensure a market share in such growth industries should embrace low fee or free self proliferation to help improve access and availability through legitimate means on the internet.

For example many music aficionados seek obscure and new artists' materials online, they either cannot get elsewhere or through the claim that the infectiousness of spreading music this way builds growth of traditional markets through awareness that would otherwise not be there. Many industries seek to stop such information swapping as a result of perceived or real financial loss, and the awareness that allowing such free sharing in an area where technology continues to improve its quality will lead to many future revenue losses. Intellectual property rights are therefore, frequently sought to ensure these real and potential profits are reaching the proper hands.

Boucher 102-105) in a sense the appropriate cliche to describe this rapid industry change is, you snooze you lose. Industry must be vigilant in the manner in which they offer options to viewers and listeners, and grow legitimate resources for such access. In this manner, watching the lead from television, with many networks offering web versions of programming so individuals can catch up on their favorite programs and even watch an entire season of programming in… [END OF PREVIEW]

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