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Threaded Discussion #1

It seems to me that the core component here is lack of communicaiton that seems to causing many difficulties both between nurses and patients, between nurses and doctors, and between nurses and each other.

In order to improve comunication, the nurse can use SBAR as tool to do so (NHS. Quality and Service Improvement Tool; web) by concisely informing colleagues of the patient's Situation; medical Background; providing an Assessment; and giving her Recommendations. When done in a certain manner, communication can be improved.

SBAR helps present critical recommendations to the clinician and encourages the nurse to articulate recommendations. Most importantly, it helps develop an atmosphere of teamwork, thereby, augmenting patient safety by ensuring that communication between staff is focused, effective, and consistent and that repletion or need for repetition is abrogated. Information is provided with the right level of detail and the results of the SBAR can be disseminated throughout the medical institution from patient's entry, to communication between consultant and colleagues, to eventual discharge.

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The participant also mentions that she is going in for her certification in advanced practice nursing. Advanced practice nursing is conceptualized as a concept that embraces three dynamics: 1. The specialization or provision of care for a specific population of patients with complex and usually unpredictable health needs; 2. The possession of knowledge, skills, and research that exceeds the traditional scope of nursing practice and particularly nursing practice in this specific field; and 3, advancement, which includes specialization and expansion in the field (Joel, 2009).

Essay on Practice Focus Assignment

According to Jennings and Loan (2001), EBN has caused a paradigmatic shift in the field because, instead of nurses following authority opinion, as was previously the case, the caregiver now bases his or her practice on database evidence, using research skills to collect and appraise the evidence. This will also help commucnaiton because evidence… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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