Pre-Industrial and Industrial Europe Essay

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Pre-Industrial & Industrial Europe

When it comes to social structure, the Industrial Europe experienced the victory of a middle class of industrialists as well as entrepreneurs above a landed class of nobility and gentry and common working persons discovered improved prospects for jobs in the new mills and factories, however these were frequently observed stern working circumstances through extensive work hours subject by a rate established by the machines but the severe working conditions were widespread earlier than when the Industrial Revolution happened because the pre-industrial society was already too stagnant as well as frequently harsh, for example the child workers, the grubby home set-up and the tedious work hours were at the same time as widespread prior to the Industrial Revolution.

At the time of the pre-industrial Europe, the class structure of society altered radically because before the industrialization, many of the people dwells in little communities or towns, working in an agriculture setting or working as an experienced craftsmen; people then lived as well as habitually performed as a family, accomplishing all their work with the use of their hands alone. Moreover, in books we can see that majority Britain's population resided in the countryside with farming as the prime occupation. As the industrialization arises, on the other hand, a lot have changed. For example, there were the new rules on enclosure that obliged that every grazing land must be fenced in at the owner's expense made many meager farmers unemployed and was left with no money and as the machines were able to produce massive production, it caused the hand weavers unneeded. Consequently, lots of the workers were mandated to be employed in the factories and work with the machines. This needed these people to go to the cities and leave their village hence they can be near to their new workpalce which indicated to making less money and work more hours than they had before. In addition to this, the living expenses became higher… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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