Research Proposal: Pre-School What Are the Benefits

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[. . .] Using Raosoft®[footnoteRef:2] sample size calculator, with an 8% margin error, size of the sample is 149. This sample population will be approached for interviews and completion of questionnaire. [1:] [2:]

Data Collection

There are two primary kinds of data collection methods. As mentioned earlier, the purpose of this research study is to know the benefits of preschool for children prior to kindergarten. Therefore, we agreed on two kinds of data collection methods the best way to get that information was through;




A list of questions with 3 to 4 options each was included in the questionnaire to understand and evaluate the opinion of people. Approximately fifteen to twenty relevant questions will be designed. The objective is to understand the common perception or belief of people.


No conclusion could be drawn if we interviews from relevant people were not used. Interviews were an essential part of our research, which helped us to better understand the benefits of preschool training. The interviews conducted were unstructured. A few basic questions were decided and the rest of them were raised at the spur of the moment in response to the course of conversation. The reason of this approach is not to manipulate the course of interview and study different dimensions of the research.

Participant Privacy

However there are always concerns about the opinion of training centers taking over the opinion of their staff. For this, protection of privacy is ensured by stating it in black and white and signed by the researcher. Both interview and questionnaires will only be used for research only.

Ethnic Issues

Although it is not a controversial issue but includes people from all classes of the community. So, all the participants will be treated equally and no questions will be asked in questionnaire or interview that will hurt or embarrass anyone.

Research Methodology

Qualitative approach is used to analyses the effects and benefits of pre-school education. Case studies, research papers and other literature are used. Main sources used are following:


Different books on the subject of preschool or early education are used to explore the benefits and effects of preschool education.

Journal Articles

Articles for educational journals are used in order to study previous researches done on this subject. This is an important source which provides researches different opinions and case studies. Hence, resulting in better analysis by viewing the picture from both sides

Analysis of this data is done by comparing the literature review and different researches which cover several aspects of the topic. By analyzing these researches, conclusion has been given.


The analysis of research consists of two parts. Questionnaires will be analyzed using SPSS software which will give us percentages of responses of the participants. Interviews however will be analyzed by comparing to the literature review and the findings from the interviews from the teachers and parents of children.

Most of the research shows that for the social, emotional and academic development of children, it is very important that the children get preschool education. However there are also arguments that the preschool education by government is only a strategy to incur taxations and fees. But, most parents and teachers agree that the preschool education plays a vital role in the personality development of the children. In some countries like England, it is mandatory for children to attend pre-school and pre-kindergarten institutes because they believe that without this the children will show lack of communication, language and creative skills. Parents also play a very significant role in the preschool teaching. Reading to the children at an early age improves the reading ability of children. If parents take their children to places like zoo and museum, it enhances their ability to develop the knowledge of physical beings in the world.

In order to achieve the desired results of preschool education, the program needs to be carefully developed. The teachers have to be trained in such a way that they can delegate individual attention to each child. The program should include visual and audio learning techniques. In England, it is also under discussion to start preschool education for the two-year-olds'. This shows the importance of preschool education to a great extent. Environment of class room determines the capability of the institute and staff. Learning environment should be developed. Extracurricular activities like music and physical education retains the interest of children, at this level of training, children always learn more from paly as compared to strict academic curriculum. Parents and community play equal role in the development of preschool training program and the development of children of that program (Persky & Golubchick, 1991).

Research shows that the children who belong to underprivileged background get the greatest benefits from pre-school tarring. Children form upper and middle class have the means to learn at home and visit places which play equally important role as pre-school training center. However, underprivileged children do not get a chance to explore their abilities in such a way. Illiterate parents could also be a hurdle in fully developing the abilities of the child. Thus, the preschool training programs aid these children to have equal opportunity as any other child in the community. These children show great development when they join preschool training. this enables them to gain courage and self-confidence and compete with the best of their abilities in the future.

Hence we can say that preschool education benefits every child of the community. With an effective program, it can assist the parents to develop the abilities and skills of their children. By creating favorable environment for children in a preschool class room, the future academic life of these children can be improved. Parents have to play an equal role with th preschools and support the government to launch such programs. The success of preschool training is dependent on all the members of the community and administration of preschools. Teachers need to be trained for better education of these children.


Preschool education has a lot of benefits which plays a vital role in the life of children. It not only increases their academic skills but also enhances the social and emotional attributes. It is important for children to get preschool education so that they can compete in the ever increasing competition. Parents and teachers both need to play their role in the development of a child. At the age of three, it should be made mandatory for every child to attend pre-school training. It will enhance their personality, social interaction and emotional stability. There are many factors that paly important role in good pre-school trading such as trained staff, fully equipped class-rooms and learning environment. The curriculum of preschool training should include effective curriculum, tools and techniques of kindergarten, supporting activities like music and physical education and most importantly involvement of parents and community.

Efforts need to be made in order to eliminate the negative thinking about preschool training. Training and awareness of mothers can be very useful in order to establish a positive image. Families need to be guided by seminars or television awareness programs. There should be an extensive campaign for the promotion of preschool education. Government need to take initiative and establish high quality preschool training institute to regain parent's confidence. This should also be made mandatory and free, if possible, for every child; because, healthy and intelligent children will turn into a healthy and developed nation.

In order to develop a high quality preschool program, efforts are required form the government, educational board, parents and community. All have to work together in order to give children a better future. This program not only develops the personality, it also identifies if there are any disabilities present in children. Especially, reading disabilities can be caught at an early stage and can be treated. The children form underprivileged background benefit the most form these programs. It provides a sound platform for them to develop their abilities at an early stage and not stand out as an outcaste. Effectiveness of such programs is more dependent child-centered and person-centered approach than any other method. Also, preschools with high parental involvement, moderate intensity of training, social engagement of children and long durations resulted in higher benefit in academic performance and class-room engagement.


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