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38; median = 3.3; mode = N/A (all values at the same frequency); variance = .692889; standard deviation = .263228; kurtosis = -1.2189; skew = .182109; range = 2.5; sum = 38.3.

Higher reaction time memory score group: being = 9.24; median = 8.85; mode = 9.5; variance = 5.004889; standard deviation = 2.237161; kurtosis = 6.86883; skew = 2.443916; range = 7.9; sum = 94.2.

Aside from the obvious difference is one would expect when separating groups into low and high scores (e.g., higher/lower mean, median compared to the overall group results, different sum, etc.) there are a couple of interesting differences here. First, the lower reaction time group does not have a specific mode (although scores in the distribution at the same frequency of occurrence, thus there are multiple modes), whereas the higher reaction time group at a specific mode. The presence of an outlier (X = 15.2) in the higher group score inflates the mean, the range and the variance in the second group (thus any descriptive statistics using the sum of the scores would also be inflated by an outlier in the high range). For instance removing the high score reduces the mean, standard deviation, range, and sum and of course the shape of the distribution would also be affected.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Prediction so We Have to Assignment

The measures of central tendency are unaffected when you double the same scores in each data set. This is because you are just simply adding more of the same score and you are not adding a lot of variance to the sample. Of course the sum changes significantly because you are doubling it. There are some slight changes in the measures of dispersion due to the fact that the variance decreases when you add the same score to a distribution of scores. The shape of the distribution will also change slightly as…
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