Pregnant Athletes Identification Many Ethical Research Paper

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Therefore, this policy can be helpful in protecting the unborn child and the pregnant athlete.

Non-consequential Ethical Theory

Many countries have signed the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of all sorts of Discrimination against Women. The aim of this convention is to guard the fundamental rights of women and give them equal opportunities as compared to men. One of the clauses of this convention also focuses on discrimination against women in the field of sports. The countries that have signed this convention strive to make sure that women are considered equal to men in all the fields of life including sports. The clauses of this convention are also applicable on pregnant athletes since the federal and state legislation in countries like Australia have made discrimination against pregnant women unlawful. A forum was conducted on Pregnancy Sports in Sydney, with respect to the aforementioned convention, which concluded that falls and contact sport does not necessarily have to result in a miscarriage. However, there was also some difference in the views of different medical experts on this subject.

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As explained earlier, the coaches often refrain from disqualifying a pregnant athlete from the team or sport because they do not want their actions to fall under the category of gender discrimination. Yet again, many coaches also believe that the decision to continue the sport should be made by the athletes. It is the basic human right of every woman to be in the sport that she wants to play. Pregnancy should be dealt with as a medical condition. This implies that the advice of the medical expert should matter more than anything else. Therefore, any woman athlete who is carrying a child should play if her physician allows her to do so.

V. Decision Making

TOPIC: Research Paper on Pregnant Athletes Identification Many Ethical Assignment

The pregnant student athletes should be allowed to continue the sport they play once they get a medical certificate from their gynecologist. The medical certificate should state that the chances of injury to the unborn child and the other are not high enough to pull the pregnant athlete out of the team and sport. There are two benefits of this decision. These address the two main ethical issues that could arise in a situation where pregnant athletes are allowed to play. The first one is the health and life of the unborn child (Sorensen et. al, 2009). The second one is the elimination of gender discrimination on the basis of pregnancy from the field of sports. Therefore, if the obstetrician allows her patient to play the sport that she wants to, she should be allowed to do so.

VI. Evaluation

What if an athlete has a miscarriage because of suffering an injury while playing the sport?

Around 15% of pregnancies are lost in the first trimester for unknown reasons. Therefore, if the miscarriage is early it can be labeled as an inevitable one. Even if the miscarriage occurs in the second trimester, it could be a result of an abnormality in the fetus (Anthony, 2002).

What if the athlete lies to the obstetrician about the nature of sport?

Doctors are good at probing into things; they know how to do their job. They always explain the consequences of things to the patients. Sporting organizations can hire their own physicians and gynecologists.

What if the child develops developmental abnormalities?

Yet again, the doctors will explain all the consequences to the patient. After knowing everything, if she still wants to continue, no one can stop her. She has the fundamental right of freedom of action.

VII. Reflections

Whenever a decision has to be made related to anything, there are many aspects that need to be considered. One such aspect is the ethical arena. Whenever a person or a group of people have to make a decision, they have to widen their horizons and consider each and every person that could be affected by their decision. Moreover, there are some ethical theories and Acts that need to be taken in consideration. Even when decisions are made taking care of everything, the decision will still attract some criticism. Therefore, the people who are making this decision should use rationale and logic to explain their decision to the critiques. On the other hand, one should also know how to balance two ethical situations. The one that has a higher weightage should obviously be preferred on the one that has a lower weightage.


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