Prejudice Police and the LGBT Community Research Paper

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At the first stop -- the Forum -- I was deeply moved the stories the gay police officers told; the forum was confidential and some of the officers admitted that they were still in the closet because they feared reprisal. I was saddened by these confessions and felt that in the 21st century we should not be condemning others or acting prejudicial in any way. Touring the District I saw that the LGBTQ community was no different from any other community (they were more flamboyant clothing -- but residents were neither more nor less friendly than in any other place). At the bar, I felt some discomfort as I had never really been around drag queens before -- and one person asked if I was "straight" because someone there thought I was "cute" -- but when I replied that I was "straight" the individual went around and it was not a big deal. At the festival I was able to talk to many persons and get a real feel for how human everyone was.

Perceptions of Law Enforcement by LGBTQ

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The perceptions by LGBTQ of law enforcement appear to be that law enforcement agencies are still mainly biased towards gay officers. Thus, the LGBTQ community would like to see a better relationship develop. The best way for this to happen is for the two to interact more so that prejudice is not fostered within the ranks of officers. Educating the upcoming generation and encouraging them to actually visit LGBTQ communities and engage with them is a good way for prejudice to be rooted out of law enforcement. Overall, the LGBTQ community is not hostile to law enforcement and would welcome them in the community (though some members hold antipathy to police as a result of past prejudice by police) -- they only ask that they in turn are welcomed in law enforcement.

Resource Agencies Related to LGBTQ for Law Enforcement

Research Paper on Prejudice Police and the LGBT Community Assignment

There are a number of resources that law enforcement officers can work with in their relations with the LGBTQ community. Many of them are regional. For example, there is LEGAL (Law Enforcement Gays and Lesbians) in Missouri (Lambda Legal) and GOAL in Philadelphia (the Greater Philadelphia Gay Officer Action League) (Caspani). There are also several national coalitions of LGBTQ organizations that officers can use, such as the National LGBTQ Task Force, the National Center for Transgender Equality, the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, Streetwise and Safe and the ACLU ("LGBT Organizations Welcome U.S. Department of Justice Guidance on Police Profiling").

What I Learned

While I was not 100% comfortable in the LGBTQ community before beginning this project, I can say that afterwards I definitely feel different and more supportive of this community. Meeting real persons and visiting real places helped bridge the gap between my sense of the LGBTQ world and what it really is -- a place like any other where humans exist and live and have stories. The stories that I heard made the most impression on me and really helped me to become more sympathetic. Bridging the gap between law enforcement and the LGBTQ community is the best way to end isolation, hostile feelings, prejudice and ill-will. That gap can be bridged through immersion, education, and allowing both sides to get to know one another, openly and without malice.

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