Preparing for a Career in Human Resources Essay

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Career in Human Resources

If a person wants to pursue his career in Human Resource, he ought to have a respectable degree or certification of this field. He must have strong communication skills. That person should be ready to work in a diverse population. Join professional institution for training and etc. Keep himself update with the changes in the field. Choose between generalization and specialization. Other than that he must be an ethical personality, honest and loyal. These are the some guildelins that a person can follow for preparing for the career in Human Resource.

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Human Resource is a department of a company which deals with the recruiting, training, screening and administrating the employees of that company. The size of the Human Resource department depends on the size of the organization. In small organizations, the Human Resource department is a small one. Due to the small HR staff every member of that department performs many roles at the same time. While in big healthy business administration the HR department is an enormous one and believes in specialization. The department comprehends the performance of all the managers belonging to different departments. Human Resource department is one of the major departments in an organization in the modern era of business. Now the department of Human Resources is considered as important for a company as a Department of Legal issues, Department of Finance, Department of Marketing. As per researches, the Human Resource department can benefit the organization in six different ways which are (Investopedia, n.d)

1. Efficient use of the employees.

2. Motivating employees by compensations based on their performance.

3. Enhancing capabilities of the people working by training and guidance.

4. Increasing the creativity, novelty and tractability to boost competencies of the employees.

5. Introducing latest modes of work, replacing the old stand way of working which help to increase the production and better performance of all the personnel working for the company.

TOPIC: Essay on Preparing for a Career in Human Resources Assignment

6. Training the workforce of the company to work through the latest technology, machineries and gadgets

Liking human beings is not the only reason to start a career in Human Resource. However, it helps a little to the person who is willing to continue that career but to pursue a career in any field; it is necessary to have a respectable degree in the related field. As education is the first step towards goal of having a healthy career in any field. Same applies in preparing for a career in Human Resource. To start a career in Human Resource one should have an education background regarding Law, Statistics, Business Management, Public Administration, Finance, Economics or any other subject. There is some certification courses also available in the market related to the Human Resource. These courses can help understand what Human Resource really is. As Human Resource is a fairly wide term. So there is no such prescribed subject to be studied for the purpose. The level of education matters. If a person wants to proceed his career in the Human Resources, he may have a Master's degree in the related field. A person having a Bachelor's degree can never become a Manager, Director or Vice President (there can be some exceptions).(Heathfield, n.d).

Human Resource department is one of the most important departments of an organization. It has to deal with the other departments of the company. HR department is usually involved in upward communication, downward communication and horizontal communication within the company. Human Resource department is the backbone of an organization. The department has to conduct interview sessions for recruitment, training sessions for the newly hired people or for some new software, machine or introduced or an amendment in policy had taken place. To become successful personnel in the field of Human Resource one should have powerful communications skills. The strong communicator should be good at interpersonal communication, small group discussions, formal and informal communication. Writing skills are also essential for being fruitful in this field. The person should have complete command on formal and informal writing. He should know the difference between writing a letter, report, memo and etc. Communication does not mean to have good speaking and writing skills, but the person should be a good listener. The person should interpret the ideas of his colleagues correctly and convey it further effectively. A good communicator may help develop the career in this field. To improve communications skills, the person may take some classes. Small courses are also helpful in this regard. Whereas, the certificates of attending a language course, professional writing course and any other such courses may help him to climb to the top of the hierarchy (Aarini, n.d)

The person who is ready and willing to work with a diverse population can pursue his career in the field of Human Resource. The simple reason of this is that the HR department deals all types of affairs. So while dealing such affairs one can have to talk to the persons of different age, culture, background, education, religion, occupation and etc. A member of HR department should not be a racist. A racist is the one who discriminate on the basis of color, religion, ethnicity, culture and etc. Racism is certainly not acceptable in the in Human Resource field. The person should also be capable to communicate with persons of different ages. He should know the art of changing his level to the level of the person to whom he is talking, this helps achieving effective communication which is really important for getting new clients and getting back the old ones.(VermontGal, Mr. Nugget, Ronald G. Shapiro, Ioanab and 1 other, n.d)

To stay in the field of Human Resource one should have a respectable degree or certificate related to the career. Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) originally founded with the name of American Society for Personnel Administration (ASPA) in 1948. The headquarters of Society for Human Resource Management is located in Alexandra, Virginia. The Society for Human Resource Management encourages Human Resource as a profession. The SHRM also offers degree, certificate course and other training session that surely can help tailing the career in the field of HR. But getting the education, degree, certificate or training of the related field is just a first step towards the goal. The person that really can go to the top of the hierarchy and become the champion of his field is the one who grasp even the smallest opportunity with both hands. As Thomas Edison said:

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work"

Same applies to the person who wants to make his mark in the field of Human Resource. Not many people in the world are lucky enough to have more than one chance or opportunity, so the person should always be ready to make the most of any opening offered to him.

The career building is slow in every career of the world. No one rises suddenly in the world. Not even the sun. So the person should have the patience to tolerate the tough times of the career. Every victor always had been a rookie in the beginning. Nobody can become successful in a day. Once the person steps up in the career of Human Resource, he should try to learn every bit of the field. As he starts learning, he should visualizing the scenarios in which he can apply his learn things. There is no substitute of experience in the world. Once the person has seen all the aspects, he becomes a million dollar product. Human Resource is a career which requires specialization and experience as the field is about dealing the people mainly. If a person gets experienced in the field, he can deal the people perfectly. He start knowing the mindset of the person belonging to the different parts of the world, having different cultures, education, religion, background and other differences. This knowledge is priceless and it cannot be gained by any degree, certificate or qualification.

Human Resource is a very respectable field in the modern era. The demand for a job in Human Resource department is so high in the job seekers that there is not sufficient number of vacancies. Considering such high demand for job and lack of availability of opportunity, one should have excellent Public Relation (PR) in the market. Public Relations deal with the reputation of the person. It is the reputation that is made by the actions which he performs daily. Public Relations play a highly effective role in winning someone's trust. Companies want their representatives to act very humble, caring and helping with the clients so that they can win their trust. This can profit the company to a great extent.

Public Relations help companies as well as individuals like a single employee. So a job seeker having a good PR with the people that are stable in the market, make the search of better opportunities easier. Favoritism exists in every part and every field of the world… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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