Prescription Drug Abuse Research Paper

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Prescription Drug Abuse

please describe some of the most pressing physical, cognitive, and socioemotional concerns in the elderly that could give rise to substance abuse problems

Memo on prescription drug abuse amongst the elderly:

Advice for the director of assisted living facility xyz

To the director of assisted living facility xyz:

Drug abuse is often the result of greater access to addictive substances and the normalization of abusive behaviors. This can be seen in adolescents: underage teens with greater access to drugs and alcohol because of the practice of frequent binge drinking at their college fraternity or the presence of cigarette vending machines are more apt to use these substances. The rise in prescription medications, from painkillers such as OxyContin to stimulants such as Adderall has also increased the rates of prescription drug abuse. But while teens are often the focus of anti-drinking, anti-drug campaigns, this focus neglects to take into consideration the population that receives more prescriptions for medications than any other group: the elderly.

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While many Americans age 65 or older may take drugs for legitimate ailments, for others abusing prescription drugs becomes a way of coping with the stresses and loneliness of aging. Also, because it is more socially acceptable for older people to be taking many medications, the line between abuse and use can be much blurrier. According to a National Institute of Drug Abuse research study, although Americans over 65 comprise only 13% of the population, they account for approximately one-third of all medications prescribed in the United States. They are also more likely to be prescribed long-term and multiple prescriptions. This can lead to unintentional -- and intentional -- abuse.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Prescription Drug Abuse Please Describe Some of Assignment

Using five or more different prescription drugs amongst the elderly has been linked to a greater number of primary care visits to deal with the complications of drug treatment (Jorgensen, 2001, p.1004). But even frequent doctor visits are no panacea: "an individual may be seeing a family practice physician for general health needs and specialists for specific diseases or illnesses. If these physicians are not communicating, the patient can be over-medicated and end up in serious difficulty"… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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