Presence of Media Bias Essay

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To refer back to the first question asked, I would say that when considering and limiting the scope of the argument to local and national news in the United States broadcast on basic, non-cable channels, the answer is yes. These programs and stations are out of control with regard to displays and demonstrations of bias. I do not personally watch "regular" news that often because it is deeply depressing and staggering. Most of the stories are about horrific crimes and tragedies; often a series of these kinds of stories are shown in a row -- one after another of some terrible accident, horrendous crime, or lack of justice in the world. It is unbearable. Many stations cast white anchors as leads with limited ethnic cast members. Many stations give the male news casters the top stories or the most dangerous or cinematic stories. These are reflections of bias. Both the stories that are reported and the stories that go left unreported reflect bias as well. Any day of the week, an American can turn to their afternoon or evening local news and hear a report of a violent crime perpetrated by a minority. This does not mean only minorities commit violent crimes or that minorities comment a large quantity of violent crimes, but with the absence of counterstories or variations on that story, that is what the average, moderately literate viewer thinks. The bias of "regular" news sustains many kinds of stereotypes that have negative impacts on society.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Presence of Media Bias in Assignment

The media is biased; it has always been biased. The largest, wealthiest, and most powerful companies or individuals that own biased news programs consist of affluent, conservative white men. When there is more diversity at the top, the removal of bias or at least diversity of bias will trickle down. Objectivity is a fairly impossible state to achieve in general. At least programs and stations could be more open about their biases and acknowledge them as well as the biases of others. Then consumers can make more informed decisions about what news media they consume as well as make more informed choices about perceptions of others and the world.


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