Pride in Serving Military Compare Essay

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What greater responsibility can there be!

True, that the military can become complex with politics, economics, or family dynamics intruding and agonizing the recruit. Attrition is rife. There are stories too of sexual harassment in the army and of conflicts with friends both within and without the army life due to being a soldier. On the other hand, this is a blip on the horizon when compared to the wider picture.

True, too, that there are movies and books such as the famous movie "Born on the 1st of July" and Hemmingway's series that are critical of war and dispel their romantic myth, and indeed romanticism of war can be harmful. The grill and gut of killing is no fun. I am not talking about that. What I am considering rather is war done for the purpose of mankind, or not even war but rather activities involved in protection of defenseless people and activities dedicated to prevention of another war. These I consider heroic and magnificent.

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Unfortunately, all too often the military has been depicted in a negative way by pacifists or those who have had negative experience or those (usually but not always, radical liberals) who have some agenda or other. Yes, there are some soldiers who have acted immorally and see the military as fodder for aggrandizement and opportunity for ambition and callousness. All too often, unfortunately, stories of heroic soldiers who risk their lives for their country and colleagues go underrepresented if not ignored and fail to receive the attention that they should. Their actions are as important as the firemen who jumped into the Twin Tower son September 11 and who sacrificed their lives for the victims. Firemen sacrifice their lives daily for individuals. Our police force does too. The military does likewise, but too often the military are condemned.

Essay on Pride in Serving Military Compare Assignment

My initial objectives in describing my pride for the militia were to draw on their manner of expanding the recruit's imagination and human interest. That happens and the recruit becomes a far fully engaged individual with a plethora of friends and contacts and better able to deal with conflict in all ways for the military has taught him to do so. He is more in touch with his life and, likely, appreciates life more. Serving in the military can give one numerous advantages and I see such a human as potentially more deserving of our admiration that one who serves in various other positions. For this reason, I see the military as expanding beyond merely developing one's imagination: it makes the recruit fully human; it makes him more in touch with the world and ironically and counter-intuitively more caring about others (due to the fact that he endeavors to protect them to the extent that she sacrifices her life to do so). It is this latest fact that makes me supremely proud of belonging to the military for few other jobs provide us with the same purpose. Working the corporate life certainly does not.


Sandifer, S. (July 02, 2010). The Pride of Military Service. Syndication [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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