Prim and Proper to Provocative Term Paper

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Conde Nast Publications is an integrated network of magazines that work together to drive income for the company. Sarah Chubb runs Vogue with the help of Goli Sheikholeslami, Senior Vice President and General Manager. They receive guidance and instructions from management of the publication group. According to Suzanne Grimes, Vice President, Conde Nast Media Group,

The overall objective is to drive ad revenue for the company, but to do so in a way that differentiates us from the other big publishers in town ... [the publications should impact advertisers with a] meaningful, measurable contribution to their business objectives. (Grimes, 2004, p. 74)

Driving revenues for the company has proven very successful as circulation numbers increase not just in Vogue but in other Conde Nast Publication magazines. With an average of more than 1.5 million copies sold per issue, Vogue is one of the preeminent magazines not just in the beauty and fashion niche but in the magazine industry as a whole.

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A search of the internet and related databases reveals some interesting things about Vogue magazine or at least about what information the company wants to keep private. One of the most obvious points is the lack of information about the company and its key executives. However, circulation information is obtainable revealing that the company generates annual revenue of more than $75 million in just magazine sales alone not counting the revenue generated from selling advertisement space in the pages of the publication.

As a workplace, Vogue is a progressive and family sensitive organization with a wide variety of employee circumstances to consider. Some of the flexibility that employees enjoy depends on their position within the organization and, like any workplace, the benefits that employees enjoy relate to their importance in the organization. With mail room employees, hair and makeup professionals, marketing and sales professionals and models, Vogue must make a benefits package that is appealing and flexible enough to meet the needs of such different types of employees.

Term Paper on Prim & Proper to Provocative Assignment

Vogue is an amazing American success story. The magazine has shown its adaptability and willingness to meet the needs of consumers. At the same time, Vogue has shown its creativity and ability to push the envelope. It is anticipated that Vogue will continue on with its pattern of success especially given its recent foray into the electronic world. Vogue will continue to amaze and excite the public with its willingness to show consumers both the informational and naughty side of American fashion.


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