Principles of Transformative Leadership Thesis

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¶ … Astin & Astin (2000) make in their chapter entitled "?"

Astin & Astin make as the central focus in their chapter entitled "Principles of Transformative Leadership" the exploration of those characteristics which mold a leader both on the individual level and when oriented according to team imperatives. Here, one of the key points is the argument that leadership is inherently an agency for meaningful change in an organization. As the text contends, "leadership is a purposive process which is inherently value based." (Astin & Astin; 8, 2000) This means that the effectiveness of a leader in bringing about change will be reflected in the degree to which an organization is then more suited to meeting its operational goals and functioning consistently with its company-wide mission.

b. What are the barriers that you see might stand in the way of becoming a truly transformational leader and how does one begin to surmount those barriers?Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Thesis on Principles of Transformative Leadership Assignment

Barriers to effective transformational leadership can emerge from a multitude of sources. External barriers such industry or economy-wide crises, shortages of resources or other adverse market conditions can impede the achievement of goals. In this case, leadership must be prepared to adjust plans and alter procedures according to these impediments. Where internal resistance becomes clear, it is the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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