Work Priorities Research Paper

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¶ … Priorities

Work Priorities

Work priorities can be set up and planned, but all these involve having a dedicated team of employees who are willing to go an extra mile so as to achieve the company's goals. In my organization, some of the key priorities are usually carried out with the vision and the goals of the company being in mind.

Work priorities of my organization

Some of the key priorities of my organization are as follows; to become the leading service providers in the whole of United States. As part of their plan to achieve this, the organization is planning to embrace these emerging technologies, sell out some of their shares to the public so that they can have the finances required to expand, expand their coverage by employing more qualified individuals and tapping new resources where our services are not being offered.

The organization also plans to venture into the global market by mid-next year, some of their priorities are to improve the type of service they give to their customer to international standards. They are also to expand their technology base and their capacity so that they can have the technology and resources needed to handle the increase in market. Part of their priority is to have them approved as one of the best service providers by various certification bodies so as to be able to receive international recognition as a point of entry into the international market.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Research Paper on Work Priorities Assignment

The organization aspires to be the most reputable organization in the United States. This is a key priority for this organization's growth. Building a reputation is a very important area especially since their businesses are is service delivery to the people. Service involves all department of the organization including the sales where the employees deal directly with the customers. Also since this is a communication business, its call centers should have employees who treat their customers with respect. Therefore, as a key priority the employees should be people of integrity and high moral standards. They should treat their customers with great respect, since they rely on them for existence. The management through the human resource department should ensure that, all their employees are competent though thorough scrutiny of their credentials and giving them proper training on the emerging trends in communication industry (Grady, 2008). All, employees should be properly trained and guided by rules on the quality of service they are to exhibit.

In addition, part of my organization's key priorities is to become the most desirable employer with the best working condition. This has mainly been achieved through having a human resource department which receives regular allocation of funds to improve their workers welfare. The organization also has the best compensation packages and salaries. The compensation packages are provided in terms of the quality of service one provides, the quantity of work an individual has done and the level of training gained by an employee and how he/she has used his/her level of education towards the company's prosperity (Guy, 1984).

The organization also has as its priority to be the leading researcher in ICT. This can be achieved by funding any ideas individuals have or improving on the previous technologies. Through the organization's research laboratories, many researches are being done by different groups of scientist and with the time line set for a given project, the organization intends to avail what they have come up with to their investors (Pothukuchi, 2008).

Key priorities of my workgroup

In my work group, the general aim of prioritizing our work is to meet the target set to us by the organization. This target can achieve by working together in unity, every member of the group should be dedicated to the group's activities and be time conscious to group gatherings. All, the individuals in the group should submit the results of their delegated duties on time for comparison and implementation (Koenecke-Grant, 2007). Also it's a priority of our group to have a culture of assisting member of the group with manpower, resources and ideas wherever needed. For the group to achieve, all the members should attend meetings and any other activities concerning the team. it's a priority that whenever a group member is not in good health, another group member should be selected and be ready to take it from where his/her colleagues had left the work.

Work priorities in my current position

In my current position, a lot is expected and will be expected from me. So for me to work to the expected standards, I have to set work priorities which are as follows; first, I have to have a well-planned steps or schedule of conducting my routine work so as to avoid time wastage or failing to complete certain tasks. Secondly, I should ensure that I complete my day's work on time and in the most efficient way possible. This efficiency can be facilitated through various consultation or collaboration with other sectors within the organization. Thirdly, I should ensure that there is a proper channel of communication across different department and in all directions. Communication also entails giving instruction to my junior employees, reporting or giving feedback to my senior bosses and even communicating with the customers (Jenny, 2004). Clear communication channel will help me to become more efficient and effective in my work. Also, I will have the privilege of not having conflicting schedules or interference with other department hence contributing to me achieving my goals at a personal level. In addition, as an individual I have to set realistic goals which will enable me work better. These realistic goals will help me to avoid stress which is one of the root causes of inefficiencies. I will also be supposed to maintain a high level of professionalism at my workstation (Barrett, 1995).

Systems and plans for scheduling workgroup activities

Within the organization, meetings are usually scheduled, where the group member get the opportunity to break down the major organization's yearly planned into smaller activities which can be implemented within the working days present. In the groups meetings, they discuss the pending activities and set aside time to carry out the activities within a before a stipulated deadline (Corwin, 2001). After compiling the job activities as plans, the events are imputed in a Calendar or a work schedule and everyone is given a copy.

Systems and plans for scheduling own activities

As an individual, I need to plan my work so as to achieve the company's objective at the end of the period stated or business year. These activities are set up in collaboration with other departments. After completion of the plans, the said activities can be imputed in electronics aid such as Lotus Notes calendar, to help in reminders of activity and their urgency in relation to deadlines.

Training plan to cover both personal and professional development

As an individual, there are key area in my work priorities that need to be improved, these include;

Planning of activities in advance and ensuring there is no piling of work.

Improve on my communication level with other employees especially those that are directly linked to my workstation or area of specialization.

Avoid stress related activities such as overworking myself, not getting enough sleep, failing to take a break while at work.

Involving others in my work through attending meetings, consulting others etc.

Seeking clarification whenever needed to avoid wasting time on something that maybe I do not understand.

Keeping of records and files in an orderly systematic order to avoid losing vital information and wastage of time while retrieving them.

Strategies for personal and professional development

Competencies to develop

How to develop them



Time coverage

Time management

Arranging of work

Proper utilization of the allocated time

Planning of duties and activities

Before beginning of daily routine and… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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