Private Security Project One Was Concerned Term Paper

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Private Security

Project One was concerned with specific minimum requirements of a state for security personnel. What state did you provide information on and what were these minimum requirements? My focus study was directed at Washington State and its minimal requirements for security personnel. In part from the common requirements found in every state, Washington requires a specific license to be held by the foremost contractor of a security personnel business. Though the lower personnel themselves are simply required to have basic training certificates, they are not required to be licensed. The security contractor is responsible for providing the certification forms that indicate the level of training for each member of their security personnel. Washington appears to be one of the most liberal states when it comes to the minimal requirements for security personnel.

More importantly, do you believe these minimum requirements were sufficient? Through further research, it would appear that the minimal standards held for security personnel in Washington State has been sufficient as the number of incidences involving such personnel has been very minimal and hardly in occurrence with significant injury or death.

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Most importantly, what do you believe minimum requirements should be for private security personnel and why? I believe that security personnel requirements should adhere to federal standards. Each officer that designates themselves as a provider of security/protection should be licensed as such in order to fully substantiate their claims; otherwise, we are talking about false advertising. Requirements for licensing should entail the observation of local and federal law pertaining to firearms, assault, and other related topics. There should also be a level of experience required in physical combat, such as grappling, jujitsu, karate, etc. If the personnel is to carry a firearm, there should undoubtedly be tremendous requirements that ensure their ability to operate and conceal them (DOL, 2005).

TOPIC: Term Paper on Private Security Project One Was Concerned With Assignment

2. Project Two was concerned with changes to the private security industry after September 11, 2001. What was your particular area of focus and what did the research inform you of? My particular area of focus was in airport parking security. I found this to be a topic of interest as these areas are highly susceptible to dangerous activity. My research indicated that the levels of security in these areas have grown tighter since 9/11, but hardly enough to substantiate the idea of 'safe.'

More importantly, do you feel that private security has adequately responded (or overreacted) to the current situation in America post-9/11? I believe that the private security has exaggerated in some area, but failed to grow in others where it is undoubtedly needed.

Why do you feel this way? I feel as though the levels have not met the required degree of focus because of the plethora of avenues in which one who intends to cause harm or break the lines of security are abundant.

What do you think should be done, and how can things be (further) improved? I think that a rigorous effort in the way of detailing every aspect of vulnerability should be exhausted in order to refine the current models for developing security measures (, 2007)

3. Are you in favor of or opposed to privatization of some public law enforcement functions? I am in full favor of the privatization of some public law enforcement functions because I believe that taking these measures will allow focus to be drawn out of the public scrutiny. In doing this, agencies will be able to operate more concisely and productively. Privatization is merely a description for taking things out of the public's ability to oppose regulations or operatives (Zielinski, 2007).

What concerns do you have (if any) with transferring specific functions? Internally, I don't believe there will be many occurrences that will draw concern. This explains my belief that this would be a productive decision on the part of particular agencies.

What about training? Obviously, when policies are altered… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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