Private Security Versus Law Enforcement Essay

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Private Security

Law Enforcement

Visual and physical baggage search

Private security has powers to search any baggage within their assigned building or premises.

Law enforcement officers can search any suspected person at any premises or building even at private residence.

Individual pat-down search

Private security officers have powers to pat-down any individual within their assigned premises.

Law enforcement officers can pat-down any individual at any moment within any premises.

Detain individuals

Security officers have power to detain and apprehend suspects that are non-violent for example, shoplifters.

Law enforcement officers have powers to serve warrants and make legal arrests.

Question persons

Security officers have powers to question any person within their premises. The person being questioned has Weingarten rights and the questioning must go according to the rules set by the management of the premises.

Law enforcement officers have powers to question any person at any place.

Arrest persons

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Security officers can apprehend and detain any suspect in their premises but cannot make legal arrests.

Law enforcement officers can serve warrants and make legal arrests.

Investigate background of person

Security officers have no powers to investigate the background of a suspect person.

Law enforcement officers can investigate the background of the suspect.

Obtain a warrant for further searches (car, home, so forth)

Security officers do not have power to obtain warrants for future searches.

Law enforcement officers can obtain warrants for future searches.

TOPIC: Essay on Private Security Versus Law Enforcement Assignment

Seize weapon if found

Security officers can seize weapons if found within their assigned premises but must hand them in to LAW ENFORCEMENT officers.

Law enforcement officers can seize weapons found within any premises.

Computer verification of stolen items

Security officers can verify the stolen items on the computer registry of the premises they are assigned to but cannot search outside the premises assigned.

Law enforcement officers can verify stolen items on any computer registry or database that they have access to.

Refuse admittance to a person

Security officers can refuse to admit any person to the premises they are assigned to.

Law enforcement officers have powers to refuse admittance to a person to any premises.

Executive summary

Security officers have been known to provide assistance to law enforcement officers in managing the security at the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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