Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Essay

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¶ … Life You Take: My Take on Abortion

Abortion is murder and murder is a dangerous thing, as we have recently discovered with the conviction of Scott Roeder. Reoder was a staunch believer in pro-life and while his methods were wrong, his beliefs regarding life were right. It is my view that abortion is wrong because it takes the life of another. Just because that "other" cannot be seen or cannot speak up for itself, does not mean it does not have a right to live. The baby is alive or it would not need to be killed. The debate is a moral not a legal one.

I believe that conception begins at birth not at three months or six months. Dr. Fritz Baumgartner agrees with this notion stating, "There is no more appropriate moment to begin calling a human "human" than the moment of fertilization. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise, because it would be a degradation of factual embryology to say it would be any other moment" (Baumgartner). Former Pope John Paul also supports this notion. He writes, "No one more absolutely innocent could be imagined" (Giovanni). Unborn babies are "defenseless, even to the point of lacking that minimal form of defense" (Giovanni). Life is scared and it begins with the union of sperm and egg. Pro-abortionists like to call the baby a fetus or viable tissue but it is still alive. If every "body" has rights, then the baby must have the same rights as the mother.

I believe the baby, born or unborn, has rights. Pro-abortion supporters rely on the argument that a woman's body belongs to none other than her. This fact is true; her body does belong to her but that fact does not give her the right to kill the other body growing inside of her. I think John Finnis makes an… [END OF PREVIEW]

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Pro Life Abortion Term Paper

Pro-Life Abortion Term Paper

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