Probation and Parole Term Paper

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However, Pennsylvania's rate is only 40%, so it seems as if their attempts at creating a support network that teaches inmates the skills they need to survive outside prison is helping reduce their recidivism rate (Beard, and Gnall).

One of the main issues facing the PBPP and the local courts is lack of funding and manpower. Parole and probation offers have to take on too many cases, and with budget cuts and prison overcrowding, they face even more issues with caseloads and keeping up with their work. They would like to implement more electronic monitoring, and other safeguards for the public, but they are expensive and out of reach in tough economic times.

In conclusion, the parole and probation departments in Pennsylvania the same types of procedures and protocol that most probation and parole departments face across the nation. They monitor just-released inmates and offenders who did not receive court time, they keep track of sex offenders, and they try to ensure that these offenders do not return to prison. They act partly as mentors and counselors, partly as teachers, and partly as law enforcement officers. They have a difficult job, and it is one that much of the public seems to take for granted, at least until the system breaks down in some way.


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