Problem Statement of Graft Documentation and Coding Research Term Paper

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Coding labels would ultimately help automate the process further, removing potential for human error in the manual documentation of various allografts. This demands much more complex data structures to store and categorize all data, but ultimately has proven far more successful as a strategy by recent research (Edgerton, Grizzle, & Washington, 2010).

By eliminating the search for the binders, the nurses will be able to complete their required paperwork in a timely fashion. This new system will prevent the nurse from failing to complete the appropriate paperwork by oversight or on purpose.

If the procedure of biological allograft tracking and documentation was adjusted to make it easier and more efficient for the circulating nurse, the chance of this process/procedure being overlooked would be reduced. By increasing compliance of graft tracking, we comply better with The Joint Commission's requirements, hospital policy, and increase patient safety.

Still, the research documents clear resistance to change in the field (Edgerton, Grizzle, & Washington, 2010). For example, there are clear concerns regarding the high investment costs of such technologies. Thus, there is an additional problem in being able to justify the costs of such technology. It is important to explore the potential increase in quality of care provided in order to therefore justify such high initial expenditures.


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Term Paper on Problem Statement of Graft Documentation and Coding Research Assignment

Zabel, Karen. (2009). Allograft safety initiative is granted… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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