Term Paper: Problems Caused by Climate Change in the 14th Century

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Climate Change

Problems Caused by Climate Change in the 14th Century

During the 10th through the 14th Century, a warm climate predominated in Earth's weather. Called the Medieval Climate Optimum, it affected politics, religion, labor, finances, science and population changes among humans on the earth, by creating conditions ripe for the spread of disease, which in turn created human problems. This warming period was followed in 1425 through 1850 by what was called the little ice age.

Nils Stenseth, who headed up a 3-day conference on the Avian Bird Flu in 2005, said that in the past similar diseases have appeared during periods of warm weather. During the 14th century similar weather conditions seem to have aided the spread of the Bubonic plague, which killed around 34 million in Europe and Russia through birds, fleas and rats who carried the fleas. The disease did not disappear completely and some academics believe in 1665-66 it reappeared as the Great Plague of London. "The link is very important and it is also important to link it back to the Black Death in the 1300s because there were the kind of weather conditions then -- warmer and wetter -- that we predict for the future," Stenseth said. "After 1855, when it… [END OF PREVIEW]

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