Capstone Project: Procurement in Government Contracting

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[. . .] The government bodies help these firms in such a way that do not only benefit onetime from the process but they are helped in way of training that assists them in their future operations of procurement too. This is an ethical behavior that the state bodies show to include those segments in the process of procurement that would otherwise be neglected. These firms are so small in their impact, size and number of employees that they cannot themselves become a part of the government contracting process. Thus helping them is like enabling a fresh graduate enters the corporate world as a trainee and gain experience that will help him in future to start bigger projects.

In the macro picture, the preparation of small and disabled owned businesses helps the country since the overall development of small businesses is ensured. The small organizations that would otherwise not know how to become competitive, in this way, understand how to follow formal procedures in becoming a vender for state. The business owners like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, gardeners and even the fishers can be taught how to play their role better while increasing opportunities for their own business. Thus, the process of facilitating the SDB is double advantaged program that helps the small business as well as the government in its effort to help the citizens in economic endeavors.

Differences and advantages in the award process

The award process in government procurement is different as well as better in many aspects than the award process in corporate or open market world. The corporate bidding for the contracts demand high level of competition while the bidding for government projects has a special place for those parties too that are not highly competitive but constitute a reasonable portion of the economy (Local Government Purchasing Assistance, 2013). These include businesses owned by minority, women, disadvantaged or disabled people. The procurement process in the government projects offer some advantages including:

a) The government offers quota for the business owned by disabled, disadvantaged, minority or female owners

b) The payment system is reliable

c) Small businesses get opportunity that they would not be able to access in competition

d) The overhead costs reduce since state handles the bidding process

e) The small businesses get opportunity to have vender relations with government

The office for Government Contracts id the organization that is best helpful for all the small businesses and firms owned by disadvantaged people (Small Entity Compliance Guides, 2013). The GC office sets quota for them and also helps them by offering information about dates of procurement. In this way, these firms are included in the race to supply to the government projects and be a part of bigger business world despite the fact that they supply relatively small quantities.


There are segments of society that are beneficial in their own aspects. A big corporate may not be interested in purchasing plastic brushes from a disabled owner of a business because he offers merchandise at a relatively higher costs. Thus he may purchase the merchandise from a Chinese vender. On the other hand, the disabled person is the responsibility of state too. Thus the federal organizations make sure that small businesses that are owned by minority, women, disabled person or a disadvantaged person are not neglected. To make them a part of main stream business, the federal organizations offer a quota for the. Such small and disadvantaged businesses can participate in government procurement processes. They simply need to fulfill criteria set by federal agencies after which they are informed about the opportunities to vend to the government projects. Thus these businesses can avoid competition and are able to supply goods or services at a good price where they do not have to worry about the payment of the material or services. The state plays double role when it helps its citizens to provide goods and services to the state run programs. They citizens are helped in their firms growth as well as their national exposure is enhanced that makes these firms more competitive as well as productive.


The government has been taking steps since decades to ensure that the disadvantaged segment of the society does not fall behind the opportunity to supply goods to the state and enjoy good vender relations. Yet there are many things that the system can introduce to make it more facilitating for the people. There are some Recommendations that are likely to help the state facilitate disadvantaged businesses:

a) There should be specific facilities in every industry for the women, minority, disabled and disadvantaged people. The state should ensure that these businesses participate in all kinds of business procurement thus implementing their participation in each segment including agriculture, building, technology, ecommerce, exports, transports, shipment, fishery etc.

b) Besides offering facilities, the state can offer quality check services to the venders so that they can evaluate their products or services well before they have to supply them to the government. Quality check teams can help small business owners how to make their service or goods more appealing to the government.

c) The government contracting bodies should make sure that while the small businesses seek opportunity to supply to the government, they should not lose the vision to become more competitive. The pursuit for growing their business should run side by side and the government besides should counsel small and disadvantaged business owners to grow continuously to be able to fulfill the future procurement needs of the government.


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Figure 1: Women from minority in Business from The 2001 Annual Report of the New York State Assembly (2001) [END OF PREVIEW]

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