Procurement the Law Essay

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he FAR precludes agency acquisition regulations that unnecessarily repeat, paraphrase, or otherwise restate the FAR, limits agency acquisition regulations to those necessary to implement FAR policies and procedures within an agency, and provides for coordination, simplicity, and uniformity in the Federal acquisition process. It also provides for agency and public participation in developing the FAR and agency acquisition regulation.


It appears that the company should operate in a matter that should limit the exposure to these complicated and complex sets of regulations. A negotiated settlement appears to be the best position to take. If this position is unattainable it would be wise to argue from a contractual law standpoint and find errors and loopholes within the contract to exploit. This is not the preferred approach legal battles may cost much in legal fees and distract from more important aspects of the maintaining a competitive advantage within the industry.

The aforementioned aspects of the legality of procurements and purchasing contracts is only a brief summary of a much larger and sophisticated legal battle of words and meanings that must be fought out in a court of law. This decision be based upon your confidence in your legal teams ability to maneuver and succeed at the legal arts.


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TOPIC: Essay on Procurement the Law Is Both Assignment

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