Producing a Healthier Biscuit: Evidence Essay

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A healthy body weight is an important factor in the general promotion of health and reducing cancer.

Other dietary nutrients may be more significant in reducing the risk of cancer. For example, "dietary guidelines that target obesity as well as fat and calcium intake could be more important than fiber (Dietary fiber, 2012, Ministry of Health). The one conclusive association regarding the health benefits of fiber is that it does reduce constipation, which is important for general digestive comfort and the prevention of other gastrointestinal diseases. "This laxative effect accounts for the role of Dietary fiber in conditions such as hiatus hernia, diverticular disease and hemorrhoids" (Dietary fiber, 2012, Ministry of Health).

Current dietary fiber intakes of Australians

"In Australia, the National Nutrition Survey of 1995 indicated that 45% of dietary fiber comes from breads and other cereal foods, 10% from fruit and 30% from vegetables" (Dietary fiber, 2012, Ministry of Health). The majority of fiber of Australians thus already comes from soluble fiber in the form of bread products. Like most persons in the industrialized world, Australians have been criticized for having insufficient fiber in their diets, and urged to increase the amount through increased consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

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Essay on Producing a Healthier Biscuit: Evidence Assignment

The Australian Ministry of Health suggests that every woman consume at least 25g of fiber in their diet and every man consume at least 30g in his diet (Dietary fiber, 2012, Ministry of Health). However, any health claims regarding the benefits of increased fiber must be made cautiously. The association between a high fiber diet and lower rates of diabetes and cholesterol may be related to a correlation, rather than causation, between the types of persons who eat high-fiber diets and better health outcomes. Or it may be related to the fact that fiber is useful in weight control and thus has a beneficial effect in an indirect fashion. Fiber does have benefits in increasing satiety and also for its laxative properties. Having fiber in the diet is clearly important to some degree, but despite the official figures released by the Ministry of Health, there is no clear indication that the 25-30g fiber per day is adequate to ward against cancer and many chronic diseases (Dietary fiber, 2012, Ministry of Health).

Almost all biscuits will contain some form of sugar and carbohydrate, and making health claims for a biscuit is problematic in this respect. Eating biscuits as a health food may not be suitable for all persons, such as diabetics or people seeking to lose weight. Even if there is a trace amount of fiber in the cookie, it is unlikely to be as significant as in a piece of fruit, vegetable, or even a bowl of cereal. Thus, creating a 'healthy biscuit' rather than focusing on taste and the 'treat' aspect of eating a biscuit may be a dubious proposition. A whole wheat oatmeal biscuit could be tasty and higher in fiber than a regular shortbread or digestive biscuit, but the health impact will be modest at best.


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