Product Comparison Term Paper

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Product Comparison

Honda Accord is debatably the best mid-size sedan in the market. Its interior is spacious and comfortable, the suspension system is greatly effective and beautifully damped, the brakes are superb and the two of its VTEC engines - a 3 liter V6 and 2.3 liter cylinder are unbelievably smooth. The Honda Accord car is amazingly simple to drive and each feature, of it is user friendly. (You found the 2000 Honda Accord Sedan: Product Rating) The car is positioned as an "all-rounder" in the minds of the consumer and is perceived as a safe family car. People with families or people looking for a dependable transportation choose the Accord. The 2000 Honda Accord has bagged the Super Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle -SULEV. The Nissan Maxima is also a family sedan just like Honda Accord which has been recently restyled which offer value to families. (Get quotes on the 2000 Honda Accord Sedan)

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On performing a test drive, each of the sedans was found to be different. The Nissan Maxima is racier and the Honda Accord very efficient thus each having attributes that appeal to specific categories of buyers. It is worthwhile to note that the Maxima are only available with a V6 engine. It is an outstanding engine, but the price is significantly higher. The Honda Accord has been newly restyled with reengineering done having excellent brakes, a great engine and its interiors have enough space for five passengers. Beautifully armed with the five speed automatic transmission, it is still well priced with its MSRP price being $24,965. On the whole, the Accord will be a grand choice in case one liked to possess a good handling, fuel economy and ample spaces at a bargain prices. For the people who live life in the fast lane, the Nissan Maxima is ideal for them and for the people who are somewhere in the middle, the Accord is the vehicle for them. (Toyota Camry vs. Nissan Altima vs. Honda Accord)

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For the majority of people the choice of Honda Accord is because of its safety features for which Honda is noted and it is a family car. A whole generation has grown up with Hondas and the Accord has been one of America's best-selling cars for the last 10 years. In case of 2000 every Accord characterizes Honda's patented dual-stage inflator airbag technology, which is capable of automatic adjustment of deployment of front passenger airbag based on the harshness of the crash and if seatbelts are put on. The top Sedan trim levels also has side airbag system; the system is able to deactivate the passenger's side-airbag in case a matrix of seven sensors detects the passenger is very small or out of place. There are two body styles, a four-door sedan and a sporty coupe. They are almost same from an engineering point-of-view, though the Coupe contains some performance fine-tuning devised to make it more enjoyable driving. (2000 Honda Accord: The benchmark for mid-size sedans)

The trim levels and pricing for Sedan and Coupe are almost same. These are available in LX which comes for $18,540 and EX-at $21,050 of trims levels. The sedan boasts of a DX base model is $15,350. In case of 2000, Honda sells the Accord Special Edition at $20,490 that has anti-lock brakes - ABS, alloy wheels and other trendy specialties to the LX. The Honda Accord 2000 LX, SE and EX-has Honda's 2.3 liter four-cylinder engine rated at 150 horsepower. DX has a 135-horsepower version with lower compression ratio and sans-VTEC of the same engine. A five-speed manual gearbox is standard on all four-cylinder models; an automatic transmission comes at a price of $800. EX-models comes standard with anti-lock disc brakes featuring seating surfaces for $1,250. The LX V-6 priced at $21,950 and EX-V-6 priced at $24,550 derives power from 200 horsepower V6; the two features four-speed automatic transmission and ABS. EX-V-6 features a fully loaded with leather upholstery. (2000 Honda Accord:… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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