Product Contamination in October Term Paper

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[. . .] It became the first company to comply with the Food and Drug Administration mandate of tamper-resistant packaging.

In order to motivate consumers to buy the product, they offered a $2.50 off coupon on the purchase of their product.

To recover loss stock from the crisis, Johnson & Johnson made a new pricing program that gave consumers up to 25% off the purchase of the product.

Over 2250 sales people made presentations for the medical community to restore confidence on the product.

The company's handling of the Tylenol tampering crisis is considered by public relations experts to be one of the best in the history of public relations (Kaplan). Within five months of the crisis, the company had recovered seventy percent of its market share for the drug - and the fact this went on to improve over time showed that the company had succeeded in maintaining the long-term value of the brand (Companies in crisis - What to do when it all goes wrong).


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