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[. . .] Battery Time:

The faster running of applications and better graphical performance do not impact the time and life of battery in iPhone 5. This new iPhone uses a standard battery (Lithium-Ion Polymer 1440 mAh) which gives an estimated talk time of up to 8 hours on 3G and 2G networks. The standby time of the battery is up to 225 hours on both the networks. With its fully charged battery, the iPhone 5 can continuously play music up to 40 hours and videos up to 10 hours. Like previous iPhone versions, the battery in iPhone 5 is built-in, i.e. The users cannot replace it by themselves (iMore).

Audio and Sound:

The voice and video call sounds in iPhone 5 are perfectly crystal-clear which do not allow external noise distortions. The noise-canceling technology allows the iPhone set to reduce these external noise distortions up to the maximum possible extent. The iPhone 5 has a 3.5mm audio jack. In the development of its latest technological products, Apple has given special focus on improving the sound quality in both playback and telephonic conversation. It has also introduced Ear Pods in an innovative design which is developed by keeping in view the shape of ears and the sound requirements on different pitches and environmental conditions (Apple, Inc.).

Figure 4: iPhone 5 Ear Pods

The new Lightning Connector:

The previous iPhones had a 30-pin connector which is now replaced with a lightning connector. This lightning connector is smarter, thinner, and more durable and stylish than the old connector. This new connector has an eight-signal and all-digital design which significantly increases its durability and performance (Apple, Inc.). Unlike the old connectors, the lightning connector is reversible, i.e. It can be inserted or plugged in the iPhone 5 in any direction. The users who want to upgrade their old iPhones with iPhone 5 can purchase an adopter from Apple which is capable of converting the old connector to the new lightning connector (iMore).

Comparison of iPhone 5 with previous versions:

If iPhone 5 is compared with all the previous versions, the most notable thing is the version-by-version improvement which Apple has brought in its Smartphones. First of all, looking at the CPU: the iPhone 1G and 3G were using ARM 1176JZ (F)-S CPU whereas the new iPhone uses 1.2 GHz Dual-Core ARM v7s CPU (Apple, Inc.). This increase in the processing speed allows the new iPhone to run multiple applications without getting overloaded or hacked. Similarly, the new iPhone has better camera, faster and the most advanced mobile operating system, faster RAM, longer battery life, faster Bluetooth device, and various other features which were missing in the previous versions (iMore). The following image depicts a comprehensive comparison among all iPhone versions:

Figure 5: iPhone 5 Comparison with previous iPhone versions

Source: iMore. iPhone 5 Review.

The iPhone 5 is an innovative and stunning IT product which has attracted the attention of customers, investors, businessmen, and companies from all over the world. The innovative technical features and stylish design of iPhone 5 has made it one of the most demanded products in the Information Technology industry. Apple has made numerous improvements in its new iPhone which make it advantageous and beneficial for both personal and professional use. Mr. Brian Lewis can use this innovative technological product in different activities in his professional life. First of all, this phone will end up all his requirements to carry laptop or notebook with him. The iPhone 5 has all those features and capabilities which a personal notebook can have (Apple, Inc.). In order to purchase this phone, Brian Lewis will have to choose the network and internet services provider. He can choose between AT&T and Verizon; both are recognized among reliable internet service providers in the Global market. Afterwards, Mr. Brian will have to choose the storage capacity which he wants in his iPhone 5. This phone is available in three different internal storage capacities: 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. As Mr. Brian is a VP of Communications in a large media channel, he needs large storage capacity in his phone so that he can easily store bundles of data in the form of document files, videos, audios, and images. Therefore, he should choose the 64 GB iPhone 5. The final step is to place order for the iPhone 5. Mr. Brian will have to place order on Apple's official website by filling out the prescribed online form and choosing the most suitable option for payment.

As far as the benefits of iPhone 5 for business usage are concerned, Mr. Brian will find this phone a real value for his money. The iPhone 5 has all the features and capabilities which a business professional would need in his Smartphone for all 24 hours a day. First of all, iPhone 5 is an intelligently design smartphone which can act like a personal assistant. The Siri App in iPhone 5 is has artificial intelligence capabilities which can suggest, recommend, and help its user in his day-to-day activities. This advanced artificial intelligence app can set reminders, intelligently communicate on different matters like reminding about existing meetings, future plans, presentations, meetings appointments, and other activities so that the user can make better decisions to prioritize these activities in his schedule according to their significance. Moreover, Apple has developed millions of applications to cater the needs of individuals in their personal and professional lives. There are more than one million applications which can be used by business professionals in their job activities, decision making, presentations, calculations, and analysis. The super-fast internet enables it users to connect with their office and the outside world in the most reliable and efficient fashion (Reardon). The internet service and Wi-Fi connectivity is superb on the iPhone 5. It uses Dual-Core 802.11n which enables it to connect easily with any wireless network available in the locality. There is no need to carry laptop or notebook on official visits, meetings, seminars, or presentations if there is iPhone 5 in hand. The Maps App allows the users to find their required places within no time. Apple continuously upgrades the location of famous places, buildings, restaurants, head offices and manufacturing plants of companies, grocery stores, and other important places in its Map App. This App can be very helpful for the person who is new in some area. Moreover, the 4G LTE enables the iPhone 5 users to browse and download bundles of contents from the internet in a very short time. Finally, iPhone 5 can also help Mr. Brian in communicating with his officials all over the world through video conferencing (Yarow).

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