Professional Career Development Plan Essay

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Professional Career Development Plan

While obtaining a degree or a professional qualification can be the entry path to a career, the proper planning of the career may be considered to be as the next important strategy that one should adopt professional growth and development. This study would look into my personal career aspirations and goals that have been formed with using several strategies and options and the means available to implement the plans and strategies.

According to Katsikitis et al., (2013), the continuous process of self-assessment and goal setting by an individual is termed as career planning (Katsikitis et al., 2013). Since this is an initial plan, there can be changes and alterations down the way as my career progresses according to the plan and changes in situations. However this is the basic framework of the career plan that I intend to pursue to achieve my career goals of the future. I have developed and formulated the career plan keeping in mind my priorities and the possible situations in the next 5 years.

Experts have laid emphasis on the regular development of the career plan and have stressed the need for nurses to constantly re-evaluate the goals and plans for achieving career objectives.

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As my first priority, I intend to develop expertise in pediatrics while I go through the second rotation of my Graduate Year at Canterbury Hospital. This would help me to gain experience and practical knowledge about how to deal with cases of pediatrics as well as in the attainment of specific skills sets. This would help me gain nursing experience in pediatrics. This I intend to complete by June 2015.

Essay on Professional Career Development Plan Assignment

After the completion of the studies and the second rotation of my Graduate Year at Canterbury Hospital, I intend to seek an opening in the casual pool of the hospital. The six months of pediatric nursing experience gained previously would help me prepare a good CV for this purpose and during this period I would also pursue to gain new skills, competences and confidence through a continuous process of exposure to different acute care settings

These are part of the personal development process that are necessary for individuals seeking to build a career and should be part of the career development plan. The pursuance of seeking a position in the casual pool of the hospital is a part of that personal development. The Appendix B identifies the career gains that I would have by securing a position the casual pool of the hospital.

The experience gained through the above process would help me to accomplish the process of transition to practice honors and the completion of the assessments and units. This would be a form of self-assessment for me as experts and educators have stressed on the need for self-assessment and gained importance in exploring new and previously unconsidered opportunities for an individual like me seeking to grow in career. The obtaining of the Bachelor Honors degree by November of this year would certainly have me adequately prepared to make the plunge into the career.

Researchers have concluded that self-assessment helps in the management of time and planning of the daily duties. This is necessary according to Gray, Rowe & Barnes, (2014), as nurses tend to function in environments that are often complex and demanding as well as a time consuming (Gray, Rowe & Barnes, 2014). The work environment also demands that the nurses take critical decisions in short periods of time that can affect the health and sometimes that life of patients. Therefore, the continuous self-assessment and the development is necessary for a nurse like to tackle the tough working conditions and work pressures.

Therefore the above motive is achieved by me through the working in the ED and ICU. These are the sections of the hospital where there is generally quite a lot of work pressure and there is need for time management. This is also attained by attending courses, study days and in-services and continuous self-development through regular reading of literature.

The obtaining of the above expertise would enable me to create the capabilities to be able to get a permanent full-time employment in an acute care setting in the hospital. The experience that would be gathered from the above process of career planning and working in tough situations would also help me in creating a well-structured and concise CV that would have the learning experiences, academic qualifications and employment history. The working experience in the acute health care settings would help me in gaining some strategic advantage while applying for jobs for nursing.

These have been reflected in my interview and interaction with Belinda, the Clinical Nurse Educator. The interview has helped me to gain useful knowledge about how to go about planning my career as a nurse.

In about a little more than a time of two years, I plan to aggressively pursue a course so that the strategies that had been developed over the previous period by me that would be aimed to develop competence in preceptorship of new nurses and undergraduate nurses. I plan to achieve these through the participation in courses and workshops that would help in the building of foundation for the skills that would support the junior nursing staff and nursing students. As a process of self-assessment and self-development, I would regularly seek feedback from the senior staff related to the perceived progress and my progress in general through the education and training.

The above process is also part of the recommendations that are made through the standard 4.2 of the national competency standards for the registered nurses (Wendt & Kenny, 2007). This relates to the participation of the registered nurses in the professional development.

The process of continuous development and self-assessment as described in the above career plan and as noted in Appendix B also would be beneficial for me to know exactly the areas of interest in nursing that I possess. It also helps me to identify the possible area of functioning and expertise that I should pursue in my career as a nurse that is best suited with my professional skills as well as personal skills such my ability of communication and tenacity. The identification of the areas of interest helps me to pursue the course of action and realign career plan accordingly. This is also necessary to identify the kind of learning process that I would require to undertake and the learning and courses that I would require to follow so that I can successfully attain the position of Clinical Nurse Educator as is suggested by Belinda in the Appendix A.

This is important of the self-development process is also important so that I am able to choose and effectively select an area of nursing in which I feel most suited to and I would be able to demonstrate a passion for working. As researchers put it, in the health care sector and especially in acute health care settings it is essential in order to remain motivated. Therefore the exact and proper selection of my area of expertise in the career is necessary to effectively deliver health care services. This selection is critical and essential for me to ultimately achieve my career satisfaction and objectives.

Researchers have also identified that for attaining a permanent position in a competitive profession such as nursing, the importance of being able to profess oneself and abilities in the right manner. Therefore researchers like Y. Kowitlawakul, (2013) recommend the proper marketing of an individual to attaining a permanent position in a competitive environment (Kowitlawakul, 2013). This marketing can be reflected in the CV through the proper emphasis on the educational and vocational training as well as reflection of the skills and the expertise attained through the course of nursing and working in acute health care situations. Therefore I… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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