Professional Development of Others Essay

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Professional Development of Others

In this paper, we will answer some basic questions regarding the responsibilities of nurses in the healthcare field. We will look at some suggestions, solutions to events that occur everyday in the life of a nurse. The solutions offered here include the responsibility of nurses in sharing of knowledge as well as experience with others, coaching and mentoring students and colleagues, contribution towards orientation and different education programs and on how to act as a role model for the entire community of service.

Professional Development of Others

The job of nurses from the very beginning of their career is considered as a very responsible and crucial role in the overall healthcare profession. Nurses are supposed to be a role model from a profession which is of such high repute, therefore the nurses are supposed to keep up proper professional behavior in public throughout their entire career. They must remember that they are representatives of not only themselves but the healthcare firm (hospital or any other organization) which employs them. Every nurse within a specific healthcare system has the foremost responsibility of looking after patients, this responsibility can be made more efficient by proper teamwork strategies and different types of beneficial nursing practices.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Professional Development of Others Assignment

Let's put focus on some basic questions and find explanation to them which are regarding the nursing field. Firstly, why the nurses have the responsibility to share knowledge with colleagues, health professionals and other health professionals? The answer here is that for this field, the personal experience of an individual practitioner matter much more as compared to any other field. Since an individual's life is more precious than any non-living thing, it is the nurse's responsibility to not only treat patient but if something new is discovered, then share it with other health professionals and the entire scientific community. This may result in many more lives being saved later on due to more efficient way of treatment available.

Besides sharing new ideas, the sharing of knowledge also means to properly guide or train other students of the field in order for them to cope with the situations they all will face. A single lack of information can cause huge losses from the viewpoint of a nurse i.e. If it does not know which specific drug to apply on a patient with a specific kind of disease.

If a wrong action is taken due to lack of knowledge then it can result in severe damage for the patient (it may even cost its life).

Secondly, how can nurses facilitate mutual sharing of knowledge and experience with colleagues relating to nursing practice and how can nurses participate in coaching and mentoring to assist and develop colleagues? The answer here is that the proper methodology that a nurse follows in taking care of patients includes a systematic process of data collection and the overall… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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