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Staff Development Plan Support Personnel

Position Statement

In an educational environment, all staff members are vital components of a successful administration. The purpose of the support staff development plan is to encourage greater self-esteem and foster achievement among support staff, which includes custodians and maintenance personnel. The classified personnel in many districts in general have been characterized as having a very low self-esteem. This is due largely to the belief that they are treated as second class citizens in the school setting.

The support staff however is vital team members in an educational setting. Their self value is critical as the actions of all staff and perceived notions of self-esteem are reflected upon students. Every staff member plays a vital role in facilitating and engaging students even support staff. Thus this staff development plan will be focused on the school's mission, but also concentrate on the importance support staff have in carrying out that mission.

Support staff must work in collaboration with all other staff members to provide a safe and secure learning environment for learning to occur in. The individual staff member, the entire school site and the school district must always work in a collaborative manner, with job functions overlapping, in order for students to realize their true potential. All staff members, including support staff, need to understand how their role is vital to the group dynamic, and how they can affect the outcome of all students.


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The mission of the School District is as follows: "to promote high academic achievement, build character, and foster creativity for every student." In order for this mission to be achieved, all staff members including support staff members must participate in staff development programs oriented toward personal and professional growth and development and collaborative team efforts.

All staff must work together to understand their role and impact on student behavior and achievements. In a school setting, there is no one role that is more important than others.


The objectives of the school district are states as follows:

TOPIC: Term Paper on Professional Development Plan for Support Personnel Assignment

Promote High Academic Achievement

Students will possess upon graduation: effective thinking, listening, speaking, reading, writing and research skills; knowledge of and ability to apply math and science; grasp of history; and facility in a foreign language.

Build Character

Students will develop: respect for all people, fairness, discipline, trustworthiness, empathy, responsibility, compassion and citizenship.

Foster Creativity

Students will pursue creative endeavors in an effort to promote academic inquiry, artistic expression, and enjoyment.

The goal of the staff development program will be to help all members of the staff participate and contribute to student achievement at all levels. The professional development plan will teach support staff members how their interactions and daily activities can impact students in a positive or negative way and help them realize what steps are necessary to help students achieve their highest academic potential. In the process support staff will also learn exactly what methods are required for them to realize their highest potential.

Staff Development Strategies

In order to accomplish and realize the objectives described above the staff development plan will focus on assisting support staff in recognizing their role as team members in the school district and focus on helping support staff realize true professional growth and development. The development plan will be geared toward staff development on a variety of levels. Staff will be encouraged to develop any technical skills and abilities associated with their job, but will also be encouraged to develop the 'soft' skills related to their job. Each job will be viewed in the context of the organization as a whole, rather than as a function independent of the learning environment as a whole.

In addition the staff development plan will work toward boosting the self-esteem of support staff so that they understand their contributions to the academic success of students is equally as important as the contributions of other members of the staff including teachers. All staff members have an impact on the ultimate performance of students. Support staff have as much opportunity to contribute to the mission of the organization as a whole as other members of the staff. The key to a successful development plan will be instilling value in the every day activities of all support staff members.

Staff members will learn exactly how their contributions contribute to the overall success of the team, thus boosting their motivation and desire to achieve. Support staff will be involved in development programs that are geared toward all staff including diversity training and understanding of the school districts mission and goals.

Self-esteem training and development will focus on positive behavior reinforcement strategies. Support staff members will be placed in a group environment where they will be asked to identify three critical contributions their job provides to the academic and school environment as a whole. In addition staff members will be asked to identify one specific contribution they have made to the academic team in the current year, in order to better understand how important their contributions are to the overall success of the school district.


The goals and activities that support staff will engage in will vary depending on an individual's exact job function and role in the school district. In generally however, the goals will correspond to the overall mission of the school and coincide with the goals and objectives established by other members of the staff. All support staff will be required to attend mission and vision training in which they learn to understand the objectives of the school district and where they identify how their job fits into the overall picture of learning. They will be asked to determine how their role will benefit the overall academic environment.

Among the components of the development program will include (1) individual counseling sessions geared toward promoting self-awareness and improved self-esteem, (2) interaction with other staff members to foster a collaborative work environment, (3) independent job evaluation and goal setting and (4) job assessment and performance evaluation on a consistent basis. In addition ongoing training will be offered support staff at all levels.

Each support staff member will be encouraged to develop a minimum of two short-term goals and two long-term goals during each annual evaluation. The purpose of the goals will be to foster independent professional growth and learning. Support staff will be counseled and offered advice regarding their career direction. In addition they will be provided the opportunity to interact and consult with other members of the staff to get a better sense of the school community and goals of the organization as a whole.

The success of the development plan is contingent upon each support member's ability to conduct an individual job evaluation and receive a performance evaluation on at minimum an annual basis, so support staff are provided with feedback and support for changes that will foster additional education and professional achievement.

The activities that staff members will engage in will include several different learning activities including: group learning, mentoring, on and off the job training, coursework, independent learning and diversity awareness when appropriate. All staff members will be engaged in one or more of these activities at any point in time during their professional career.


As mentioned above, there are several different types of activities and projects that will be adopted as part of the staff development program enacted by the school district. There are various methods of instruction and learning that will be adopted. Group activities, training sessions, collaborative meetings and evaluation sessions will be available to all members of the support staff.

Before staff development can begin a method for training and development must first be devised for all job functions. All staff regardless of their level of competency and job function require continuous training and development in order to present them with new challenges and improve overall performance delivery (Training, p. 458). Continuing education is vitally important to the success of primary educators, administrators and support staff, to encourage professional growth and stimulate achievement.

Among the primary activities that need to occur as a vital component of the staff development plan include the following:

Needs Assessment


Training/Staff Development

Implementation and Monitoring

Evaluation and Assessment

Training, p. 461).

Needs Assessment

This is the most crucial element of any staff development program for staff of any level of an organization. A need assessment program will enable supervisors to gather information about the identity of each unique staff member, allow insight into specific skills and abilities and provide information about what areas of competency a staff member might need further training in.

During the needs assessment phase the district should review an individual's employment needs based on the requirements of the job the employee is carrying out as well as independent goals for growth and learning. Taken into consideration should be the employee group. Staff development officials have an obligation to consult with industry experts and other staff members including teachers and principals to determine what skills and abilities are vital for the job being assessed.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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