Professionalism and Business Ethics I Have Learned Essay

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Professionalism and Business Ethics

I have learned that professionalism and business values are closely related to the individual beliefs. According to me, organizations should screen those individuals that give value to values because training the individuals will be of no use if they are not ethical. I believe that a person should take steps to gain respect from others in the community. However, respect is a two way process. Those people who give respect, they are the ones who gain respect. I prefer respecting others in both negative as well as positive scenarios. It requires adequate control on anger. At times, I find myself becoming pissed off whenever someone does wrong with me. I think it is the most important time of being patient. I always try to control anger and use my mind to resolve issues. Instead of screaming at the other person, I try to resolve the issue by having a dialogue and by providing a rationale for every act. In this way, I respect others and gain respect in return. I have noticed that people do become emotional at times and take wrong decisions. According to me, this is wrong. Using the brain is utmost necessary. I believe that once we have gained respect in the community, we can take other positive steps to polish our personality. These positive actions will result in giving better outcomes in personal as well as business life. Because whenever we get habitual of anything, we apply it in all aspects of our lives. These positive steps include:

- Fulfilling the responsibility

- Honesty

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Essay on Professionalism and Business Ethics I Have Learned Assignment

I believe that getting addicted to these things makes us good human as well as a good professional in business industry. It means that these believe are a part of both business and personal values. According to me, business ethics can only be gained after gaining the personal values. For example, if a person has firm believe on the fact that fulfilling all his responsibilities will take him to a better point, this believe will help him in both personal and business life. Being a professional, he will not ignore any single task and will try to give his hundred percent. Thus, fulfilling the responsibility is a business ethics and I believe that this business ethics is necessary at all levels. I have a belief that if every person in an organization, from peon to top level management, follow these business ethics, organizations will be able to better satisfy their customers. It will remove many loopholes because every other person in the firm is performing the assigned duties and the system is running in a smooth way. On the other hand, it will remove conflicts from an organization. In most of the cases, business conflicts arise due to work. If everyone is fulfilling the duties, no one will be able to blame others and no one work can be left over. I believe that all business professionals should follow this business ethic of fulfillment of duties. It will not only help the firm, but it will help the employees as we. Their performance will increase and they will have more options of promotion. It will also lead towards a better understanding, relationship and organizational culture. Firms that have good culture and peace of mind are always ranked high from customers as well as from potential employees. I believe that though not all problems can be resolved with this business ethic but still it will make a huge difference in the working methodology and in creating a good image in the minds of customers.

The second ethical believe which I have is honesty. As the fulfillment of duty, honesty also resolves a number of problems in personal and business life. In order to bring honesty in a firm, employees should be honest at individual level. I have a personal belief that honesty provides peace of mind. In circumstances, where it is difficult to be honest, even in these conditions, I try to be honest and this gives me benefits in the end. For example, if someone is working in a marketing department and customers ask a question regarding its quality. In this case, being honest seems difficult. However, this is wrong. I believe that if everyone tells the truth to the customers, business owners will stop producing low quality products and will only give the best to the customers. On the other hand, business professionals can show honesty by telling all the specifications to the customers. For example, if a B. class quality is used instead of A class, he should tell the customer about it and say that he is charging accordingly. I believe that being honest is better that lying and breaking the trust of the customers. Firms that are not reliable, build only short-term relationships with the customers in comparison to the ones that are honest and loyal. Honesty is the business ethics that helps in developing good and smooth relations inside the business as well as outside the company. I understand that if everyone in a firm is reliable, conflicts can never arise and work all business activities will run smoothly. A big reason of office politics is dishonesty. I have observed that many people leave their jobs when they face office politics. I personally love being honest and loyal to the business as well as personal life. It keeps away from depression and many other diseases, as well. Above all, it provides peace of mind, which I think is needed in today's world. Since, honest people do not have any burden over their head, they say what is true and commit what they have promised, and they lead a happy and contented life.

The third ethical belief, which I think, is necessary for every business professional is to make decisions based on events. I have seen many people making generic decisions for all conditions. I totally disagree with this concept. For me, things vary from person to person and from situation to situation. I understand that the business professionals should have such remarkable ability of making decisions that they can take prompt and effective decisions in any situation. According to me, one has to observe the motto of taking the decisions, the participants involved and the impact of the decision before finalizing anything. I understand that doctors follow a good strategy, they do not give the same medicine of fever to all fever patients, but they analyze the severity of the condition and then treat patients accordingly. It is the case with business professionals. For instance, when hiring or firing an employee, we although set specific criteria but since we have a pool of candidates, we select the ones that are most experienced and talented. Likewise, when firing a candidate, we look into the conditions. I believe that the experience, the case due to which firing decision was made and the level of employee should be kept in mind. Likewise, when dealing with customers, we should look into the background of customers and then deal accordingly. I believe that long-term customers should be given high preference in responding as compared to short-term customers. In this way, I think that people should make decisions according to the situation and do not make a standard decision for all conditions.

No matter which business values it is, the point, which is important, is to bring a change in ourselves on an individual level. Business ethics do not only help us in our professional life but are equally important in personal life and vice versa. I understand that the business values are necessary to run a smooth business on one hand and to fulfill the social responsibility on the other hand. According to me, if all business professionals follow the business ethic… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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