Professions - Bastakiya Tailoring Essay

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[. . .] Bastakiya tailors are certainly capable of producing extravagant clothing for some of the choosiest tourists. The seams in Bastakiya are virtually working non-stop in order to satisfy the needs of clients determined to take home a piece of old Dubai. Tourists are one of the principal customer segment fueling the tailoring activity, especially given that the area attracts them in large numbers as a result of the feeling that one gets walking through the streets of a quarter that practically contrasts the rest of Dubai.

One of the principal reasons for which the tailor profession managed to stay in the Bastakiya region is that it completes the overall atmosphere in the quarter. By visiting this area, one does not just get to see how people used to live in old Dubai, as they also get the chance to experience living in old Bastakiya themselves as they bargain with merchants, buy textiles, and get tailors to create clothes in accordance with their personal needs. Along with people in other professions, tailors can be considered responsible for keeping the old part of Dubai alive, especially considering that the families of most of them have a history working in the enterprise. Although it is difficult to determine whether tailoring is still a profitable activity for people in the Bastakiya region, it is only safe to assume that they are content with knowing that they follow a tradition in keeping both tourists and locals feel that little has changed in the quarter over the years.


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