Professions Often Encounter Significant Challenges in Their Interview

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¶ … professions often encounter significant challenges in their professional life, which can, in turn impact their personal lives. There is no research scenario described in the chapter, which focuses, instead on the needs of the helpers. The chapter addresses the following issues: how helpers can deal with "difficult" clients; how to deal with potentially angry clients in confrontational scenarios; how to avoid bringing clients home with them; learning appropriate therapeutic distance; dealing with personal reactions to clients' revelations and life circumstances; identifying the client behaviors that are most problematic for the individual helper; how to respond to difficult clients; dealing with unresolved emotional problems before embarking on a helping profession; client referrals to other professionals; and the defensive behaviors employed by the individual helper.

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This chapter is all about self-reflection and really examining how the individual helping professional will respond to the demands of working with troubled clients. It asks the helper to do the work to determine potential triggers in difficult client situations, which the helper can then use as a stepping stone to establishing ways to deal with these triggers. Obviously, this behavior has an impact on client interviews. A helper who is uncomfortable with discussing certain problems and behaviors will be unable to help with those problems. Moreover, sometimes helpers become focused on getting seemingly resistant clients to change, without focusing on whether they need to adjust their behaviors to fit the needs of those particular clients. Keeping this perspective in mind will be invaluable in the interviewing context, where unexpected information or resistant clients could push a helper to engaging in familiar, but not necessarily productive, behavior patterns.

Article Summary: Chapter Eight: Final Stage of a Group

Interview on Professions Often Encounter Significant Challenges in Their Assignment

In this chapter, the author addresses the end of the group therapeutic process as it relates to closed groups. This chapter does not focus on a research questions, so there is no procedure, research question, or other research issue to summarize. Instead, it gives detailed instructions and tips for the practitioner who works in a group therapeutic setting and helps him or her determine how to bring a group to its conclusion. The issues discussed in the chapter include; how to deal with a member who wants to leave a closed group prior to termination; the activities that are the most important during the closing stage of a group; obstacles to effective termination; asking members to talk about the impact of the group on them as individuals; how to deal with requests to continue time-limited groups that are approaching termination; whether or not follow-up sessions are necessary and/or helpful; members leaving open groups; open groups getting new members while in progress; personal characteristics of the group facilitator that could hamper or help the group process; helping members review group experiences; translating experiences from the group to real-life; assessment and evaluation of the group process; and following up on the group process with coleaders after group termination.

The issue that is the most relevant to the idea of a client interview is when a group facilitator asks group members to reflect on how the group process has impacted them as individuals. Because of the group environment, and because the answer… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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