Not-For-Profit Management Research Paper

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¶ … Profit Management

This section will introduce the subject of grant research and its relevance for the Lubbock ISD. Where, there will be an emphasis on the various challenges and issues that are being faced. At the same time, there is an examination as to how various grants can help address these issues. Once this occurs, it will provide the greatest insights as to how these problems and various grants could have an effect upon the operations of this organization.

Once this has taken place, we will then focus on the different objectives of the research. This will involve identifying various aims / objectives and effectively analyzing the different pieces of information. To corroborate the various findings, we will concentrate on qualitative analysis. This is where we will be analyzing various pieces of data, to determine the underlying effects on the Lubbock ISD. At which point, our research will be able to provide the greatest insights about a host of issues affecting the organization and possible strategies for addressing them. (Anderson, 2009, pg. 7)

Budget Analysis

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1. This part of the research will focus on various budgetary issues that could be facing the Lubbock ISD. Where, we will be examining the budget and then using statistical analysis to determine how effective, they are at addressing the different challenges they are facing. (Anderson, 2009, pg. 7) at which point an emphasis will be placed on how the various grants could help to tackle the underlying problems. Once this takes place, it will provide greatest insights as to the economic viability of these practices and how possibly they can be solved.

Grant Proposal Analysis

1. This section will focus on how various grants can help address the underlying challenges facing the Lubbock ISD. As their will be an emphasis on the important elements of grant writing and how it can help to address the underlying challenges facing nonprofit-based organizations. This is important, because these different parts can help to address the possible problems and provide solutions for mitigating them.


Research Paper on Not-For-Profit Management Assignment

1. This section will focus on how the different grants and the process for indentifying / writing them can help to address the issues facing the Lubbock ISD. As we will focus on ways the different grants could help to tackle and some of the different budgetary issues they are dealing with.


1. In this part, we will discuss how the different grants can help address the underlying challenges facing the Lubbock ISD. Where, we will examine the various findings with each other and then provide specific recommendations for tackling the problem. Once this occurs, it will help the Lubbock ISD to overcome the different challenges that they are facing.

Annotated Bibliography

Browing, B. (2009). Required Elements for Contact Bids. Grant Writing for Dummies. (pp. 179-85). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley

This source, discusses the various elements that are included as a part of grant writing to include: the mission statement, areas of expertise, background of the bidder and current service levels. This information is useful, because it can help to identify the process and elements that are necessary for effective grant writing. As a result, this information can be utilized, to provide a basic background surrounding, as to how the Lubbock Cooper ISD can receive a host of different grants that are available.

Pequengant, W. (2010). The Award Process. How to Write a Successful Research Grant. (pp. 115 -- 123). San Jose, CA: Ensilver.

The source from Pequengant (2010) discusses the how to obtain funding for various grant proposals. Where, the author has identified a number of key elements that important, when trying to receive any kind of grant to include: balancing the research / the type of grants that are being applied for, understanding the different roles in the process and effectively managing the different grants. This is significant, because the information from this source can be used to evaluate what factors will influence how foundations will function. As this is one way that they are able to obtain the financing they need. In the case of the Lubbock ISD, this information is helpful in effectively identifying how they can be able to obtain a host of different grants.

McKevitt, D. (1996). Doing Well While Doing Good. Public Sector Management. (pp. 220 -- 225). London: Sage.

The piece of literature by McKevitt (1996) highlights how nonprofit organizations will be less flexible in comparison with for profits businesses. This is because, these organizations are often forced to adapt to various challenges that are taking place. Over the course of time, this can have a negative impact upon the function of the foundation, as it will more than likely become bureaucratic and slow to respond to these changes. The reason why, is because the lack of a profit motive, makes it difficult to quantify how effective the organization is at achieving their goals. When you put these different elements together, the information from this source is useful, because it addresses the various issues that will influence how foundations function. In the case of the Lubbock ISD, this is helpful in understanding some of the challenges that they are dealing with (which could be contributing to the underlying problems).

Millesen, J. (2003). Understanding the Behavior of Non-Profit Boards of Directors. Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 32 (4). 521 -- 547. Print.

The article by Millesen (2003) discusses the impact that the board of directors of can have on a foundation. Where, they find that those boards, who are actively involved in the organization's activities, will have an impact upon the actions of various entities. At the same time, they identify how the culture of organization itself will have an impact upon the board. As they will be a reflection of: the values and attitudes that they represent. This is important, because this information is useful in highlighting how foundations can often face a sense of complacency, based upon the actions of the board. In the case of the Lubbock ISD, this is useful in helping to provide further explanation, about possible issues that they could be wrestling with.

Summary Draft

There are a number of different issues that are constantly affecting various foundations and nonprofit organizations. As the annotated bibliography has identified different sources that can address the underlying challenges. Where, one of the biggest problems that most organizations have to deal with is the bureaucratic nature of the entity itself. This is problematic, because these organizations will often have less flexibility and focus. Over the course of time, this can have an effect on the operational impact of the organization itself. As the lack of emphasis on profits, will mean that it is difficult to determine if an entity (with it becoming ineffective). This is because these organizations are providing various social services, which is making it more difficult to quantify how effective they are at achieving their objectives.

In the case of the Lubbock ISD, they are facing similar challenges as host of other nonprofit entities. Where, the lack of profit motive is having an impact upon the quality of education that is being received. This is troubling, because during times of economic contraction, school districts are facing increased amounts of scrutiny surrounding their spending activities. As a result, a new strategy must be implemented that will address these underlying challenges facing the school district. In this case, we will be examining the budget of the Lubbock ISD and will then compare it with possible areas of waste. At which point, an examination will take place, by looking at possible strategies that could be utilized to: find grants and how the school district can use this strategy to address the different challenges.

Evaluates the budget's consistency with the proposal's program plan (methodology), and offers insights and recommendations based on that evaluation.

One of the biggest challenges facing most school districts is the possibility of cost overruns that could be occurring. This is problematic, because it his highlighting how effective budgetary controls must be utilized to deal with these challenges. This requires, using a strategy that will increase the overall amounts of responsibility. Where, you are not delegating authority to various staff members or departments. Instead, there is an emphasis on how they can effectively control spending and improve the overall quality of services that are being provided. (Odden, 1992, pp. 529 -- 549) When you look at the budget of the Lubbock IDS, it is clear that they are trying to reduce the underlying cost overruns. This is accomplished by having the various overtime hours covered entirely by a grant. The problem is that they are not seeking out large numbers of grants, as this could help to address the underlying shortfalls that they are facing. To effectively address this issue, requires increasing the overall amounts of individual responsibility. As you could provide specific ideas and insights, to staff members, about possible ways that budgetary issues could be addressed. Over the course of time, this could have an impact upon the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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