Progress Report and Annotated Bibliography the Roaring Twenties Annotated Bibliography

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Roaring Twenties & the Prohibition

The Life of the Working Class in the Roaring Twenties

The term 'Roaring Twenties' in American history captures a time when, during the 1920s, American society experienced unprecedented economic prosperity and social freedom despite having recently experienced the First World War. The unprecedented affluence that society experienced found its way through everyone, increasing each individual's social mobility -- going up or down the social class ranks.

It was during this period that the middle, or working, class became more powerful socially. Particularly, it was during the period 1923 to 1929 that "the real earnings of workers "shot up at an astonishing rate" and "unemployment largely disappeared" (Hawley, 1979 as cited in Stricker, 1983:5). These descriptions of the economic status of the working or middle class reflect the life condition of majority of the Americans at that time -- affluent workers who, with the aid of a booming economy, became socially, even fluidly, mobile through the years.

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In addition, the prevailing culture of the Roaring Twenties is attributed to the dominant middle class. The middle class, enjoying their economic success, also yearned for social freedom, which Price (1999) described as a "social revolution," wherein Americans felt the "desire to enjoy life," whatever their status or place in the society was. Indeed, as the Roaring Twenties culture showed, it was a time for "scantily clad women called flappers, illegal saloons called speakeasies, notorious gangsters like Al Capone, silent movies…a wild, new music called jazz" and "the good life" (ibid.).

TOPIC: Annotated Bibliography on Progress Report and Annotated Bibliography the Roaring Twenties Assignment

Clearly, the power that the middle, working class held in the Roaring Twenties was not only because of its economic (consumption) power, but also because it dominated American society, being the only class with the most number of people, when compared against the upper or lower social classes. This being the case, it is worthy to note how they lived their life during the 1920s, to determine the social climate or environment of the working class at the time when consumption and affluence prevailed.

In revisiting the middle class in America during the Roaring Twenties, it is critical to look at two major groups that best illustrate the shift in people's social values, lifestyle and culture at that time: men and women who dictated the prevailing social norms in the society. By looking at the male and female populations of the middle class society, the audience will also be exposed to the different issues that prevailed and were considered both significant and controversial during their time.

Exploring the Roaring Twenties through a documentary material could start with the previous discussion and introduction to the middle/working class during this time. It is important to include the context where the middle class found itself in, most especially before it achieved social mobility and economic prosperity in the 1920s. Thus, the documentary must cover and use as a backdrop the First… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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