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The discrimination in salaries translates to the growing incidences of poverty among older women. Statistics now show that some 75% of the nation's elderly poor are women. Older women have, on average, merely half the income of older men. This problem is further worsened by the fact that women are only half as likely as men to receive a pension. Those who do receive a pension generally receive much less than their male counterparts.

Social Security offers little help to a great variety of older women. The current social security system was designed according to 1940 gender roles. As a result, divorced women and wives who are considered as dependents receive much lower Social Security payments.

These factors all underscore the need for the Constitutional Amendment for to ensure women's equality in the form of the Equal Rights Amendment. Current federal laws regarding equal wages have failed miserably in ensuring equality for working women because many stand on shaky Constitutional ground.

Federal laws and regulations are often riddled with loopholes and are often subject to different interpretations. Laws could also be repealed at any time, depending on the political climate. As the case of abortion has shown, this means that laws ensuring women's equal rights face constant challenges and could be repealed anytime.

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An Equal Rights Amendment would address this problem by enshrining a woman's right to equal treatment as a Constitutional right. Instead of relying on states to enact their own equality laws or depending on the political climate, an ERA would ensure that women's rights are protected in all states. Furthermore, since discrimination against women covers a wide segment from hiring to health to retirement, an ERA would take precedence over several local laws and eliminate the need for individual legislation in various fields where women experience discrimination.

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Finally, an ERA would shift the burden of enforcing anti-discrimination laws onto employers, institutions and the government. Currently, women who experience discrimination are the ones charged with reporting their employers to the relevant authorities. The ERA would mandate a more pro-active role for employers and institutions, which must more active steps to ensure that they are in compliance with the Constitution.

In conclusion, current piecemeal legislation is not enough to ensure protection for against discrimination. This highlights the continued need for an Equal Rights… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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