Project Management: Brantas River Basin Development and Ouarzazate Solar Power Station Projects Term Paper

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Concessional financing is one of the models that play an important role in giving a start to the project (ESIA, 2011).

Execution and Control: the monitoring of the project is done by contractors to examine happening and spending. A lot of risks are minimized by using different foreign and local-based companies to work on different steps of the project. These contractors are independent and oversee different challenges and help to overcome them. The monitoring helps to reduce the overruns of the cost and keep check on certain activities regarding the project. Various technologies and components are required for the construction of the project.

Security and Safety Considerations: the design of the security is to minimize terrorism and stop any negative activity that might take place in opposition of the project. Apart from that, there is a risk of several landslides for which several precautions are required. Several onsite and offsite incidents also require safety plans so that the workers and the general public do not receive any damage (ESIA, 2011).

Post-Implementation Asset Management: This requires the proper use of the fees that is generated to enhance the requirements of the economy and to cover the expenses. The type of technology used in the project requires environmental monitoring and many supervision plans are formed. It will be supervised by the joint venture of social and environmental compliance experts, and operation experts (ESIA, 2011).

Lessons Learned

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The main lesson learnt for the Brantas River Basin development project is the increased challenges and the overruns of the cost during the project. The policy created for the project should be consistent and have full support of political leaders to give complete support of finance to manage and develop the project. A water council or committee should be formed where the stakeholders' representatives could conduct a meeting (ESIA, 2011).

Term Paper on Project Management: Brantas River Basin Development and Ouarzazate Solar Power Station Projects Assignment

The lesson learnt for the Quazazate Solar Power Station project is the high cost which was more than what was planned. The costs were higher due to the utilization and the importation of certain parts and specialists to develop and build the project. The awareness of the public is highly important for the project which should be conducted to let the general public know the necessity of the project (ESIA, 2011).

Recommendations for Improvement on Future Projects

Public contribution and involvement in the Brantas river project is essential and correct utilization of water is required. Establishment of water rate formula is needed along with the involvement of the investors and beneficiaries.

Two estimates for the Qurzazate solar power station project is required in which the first will provide the starting cost and the second will focus on the cost overruns that can possibly occur. This will ensure the proper finance system and deal with problems regarding the project.


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