Project Management Building a House Term Paper

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Project Management - Building a House

Building a House

The subject of this project is the construct of a residence consisting of two living space levels, four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The house is structured according to the standard stick-built mainframe development methods and construction. Utilizing the most innovative and modernized procedures in home construction, this home was engineered according to the customized specifics of its owner. The owner, a middle-upper class laborer, had ascertained their blueprints and overall concepts for the home through the signed agreement of home construction in association with the bank that has financed the entire project accordingly.

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Assigned to the project's initial phases, there are two levels of Project Management, which ultimately helped in the outline of the development of the entire home (Denton, 2001). The highest, who has overseen every phase of construction, was assigned to a land developer whom also strategically developed the architecture of the specific home type. The developer was appointed by the bank to oversee every aspect of construction from the breaking of the dirt to the certificate of occupancy. Through each phase of the construction, the land developer was provided reports on budget status and the continual projected time-frames as the home progressed. This type of a supervision is proven to be constructively supporting to the development of homes (Gatlin Education Services, 2007).

Term Paper on Project Management Building a House Assignment

The second level of project management was held by the construction crew foreman who was directly in charge of every sector of the homes development, including foundation, framing, exterior design, interior design, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, and overall cosmetic finishing. The foreman was responsible for reporting the materials cost, budget status and progression of the homes completion with time-frame status. The construction crew consisted of three waves of different skilled laborers. The first, and main group to take part in the most areas of completion, was a team of five individuals that adhere to the blueprint specifics and take full account in the infrastructure of the homes model design. Branching from this group, there was a second group consisting of three individuals that mainly handled the conception of certain developments in regard to common building methods, such as the measuring of material and ensuring the availability of all needed products and materials. This group also played a heavy role in the overall construction of the home. The third wave of crewman consisted of eight individuals who directly worked according to the demands of the other two upper construction commencement crewmen. These individuals were basically hired hands that supported the objectives… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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