Project Management Your Company Planning Essay

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Organizational culture refers to the collective behavior of the employees who form an organization and the different meanings that the employees attach to their actions Valentine, 2011.

An organization's culture will include its values, norms, vision, habits, systems, working language, and beliefs. Organizational culture is taught to new employees through informal trainings like stories, rituals, myths, and shared behavior. It is mostly formed from how an organization is structured, how it uses its resources, the employees in the organization, and how work is completed or the process of completing work in the organization. A good culture is formed when there is balance and harmony with the organization's goals and mission. The elements of a good organizational culture are mission, respect, solid communication, and superior performance.

An organization's culture will affect the success of a project either positively or negatively. If the organization's mission is not clear the employees will not understand why a specific project is being implemented, which might lead to resistance. Having a solid communication culture in an organization will ensure that the project manager is able to communicate to the employees in regards to the project, which will ensure that all employees understand and those who do not can ask questions freely. For a successful project, there should be respect among the employees. This will allow the employees to respect each other during the project implementation and management.

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What are some of the key organizational elements that can affect the development and maintenance of a supportive organizational culture? As a consultant, what advice would you give to a functional organization that was seeking to move from an old, adversarial culture, where the various departments actively resisted helping one another, to one that encourages project thinking and cross-functional cooperation?

Essay on Project Management Your Company Planning Assignment

The key elements that would affect an organization's supportive culture are respect, communication, and clear mission. These three elements will affect how the employees interact and value with each other. In order for an organization to change its culture to one that departments support each other, it will need to clearly define its mission, change its communication methods, and develop a culture of respect amongst the various departments. A clear mission will define what the organization would want to accomplish and how it intends to accomplish it, which will allow the departments to better understand the organization. Open lines of communication from the top managers will ensure that employees can communicate freely with other employees and the different managers irrespective of department. Respect for individuals, will allow the employees to start valuing each department and appreciate its contribution to the organization.

Project management techniques have been used successfully for a wide variety of efforts, including the many NASA space missions, huge construction projects, implementation of major systems like ERP, movie production, the development of new products and services, theatrical productions, and much more. Why not use them for managing the operations function of any business? Please use examples to support your answer. You may use examples from your own organization.

The various operational functions within an organization may not need all the phases that a normal project would have like testing phase. Majority of the leaders do not want to keep following up on the progress of their projects, which they presume to be time consuming and would increase their overheads. Majority of the initiatives involved in the operations function within an organization need quick benefits to be realized soonest and using Project management would only slow them down.


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