Research Paper: Project Management Imagine You Are Adjunct Professor

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Project Management

Imagine you are adjunct professor teaching project management to a group of international MBA candidates. You recognize that several of your students may be interested in a career in academia. What three scholarly articles would you assign these students to read? Your goal should be to introduce them to academic theory in the area without intimidating them by providing overly quantitative, statistical driven, articles. Please explain your rationale for choosing these particular articles?

Of the myriad of articles that could be potentially assigned to students, my selections would center on the most practical and pragmatic aspects of project management. I'd also orient the articles more to case studies and away from the highly theoretically based, equation-centric studies of product management constraint theory and modeling. I'd want to infuse a sense of enthusiasm and insight into how project management is transforming enterprise globally and making them more competitive in the process. With criterion in mind the first article would be a study of how project management was able to completely turn around a major telecommunications network project and get it back on track and achieved in the city of Los Angeles (Imam, Dhillon, 1989). This case study brings the very pragmatic aspects of how project management theories can transform the most complex and cost-constrained projects, taking what would surely be a failed initiative and making it successful. The successful completion of the telecommunications network throughout Los Angeles in this first article shows what's possible with project management techniques and strategies applied to very complex, potentially challenging situations.

In keeping with this case-based approach to showing the value of project management, the second article centers on how European Aerospace plc was able to also transform its core operations and stay competitive in turbulent markets as a result of successful project management planning, execution and continual monitoring (Quayle, 1999). What makes this second article such an excellent study for anyone looking to teach project management is the coverage of concepts, frameworks and advanced scheduling techniques while also concentrating on customer-centered growth of the business (Quayle, 1999). Staying customer-centric is another factor or variable the company had to contend with while keeping a very complex project continually moving forward. The ability to intermediate across so many factors and still emerge successful and on schedule differentiates this article from many others that are otherwise comparable from a case study standpoint (Quayle, 1999).

The third article or study I would recommend is one that deals with the toughest aspect of project management, which is change management. The article, Selling Project Management to Senior Executives: The Case for Avoiding Crisis Sales (Thomas, Delisle, Jugdev, Buckle, 2002), shows just how difficult it is to make change permanent in any complex project management scenario. This article provides useful insights into how best to overcome resistance to change and keep a project moving forward. The ability of a project manager to gain consensus and keep a project moving forward is also shown, which is a critical skill for anyone teaching others how to manage projects as well. Finally, this study touches on the most critical skills that any practitioner or professor needs to have a mastery of, both in theory and practice, and that is how to get projects done with people who may not always buy into the direction and… [END OF PREVIEW]

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