Project Management Organizations the Most Prominent Thesis

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Project Management Organizations

The most prominent project management organizations are: International Project Management Association (IPMA), Project Management Institute (PMI), Center for International Project & Program Management (CIPPM), Association of Project Managers (APM), Canadian Project Forum, Performance Management Association of Canada, Project Management Institute of Canada (PMI - Canada).

Another organization of this kind is CompTIA. The Computing Technology Industry Association activates on the global information technology industry. The members of the organization are represented by companies that promote innovation in the it field, and by "professionals responsible for maximizing the benefits organizations receive from their investments in technology" (CompTIA, 2008).

In other words, the organization's members are manufacturers, distributors, resellers, solution providers, ISPs, ASPs, software developers, e-commerce and telecom companies. The organization activates in the field of education, training, public policy, and others.

CompTIA's successful involvement in all areas of activity has determined a series of non-profit and governmental organizations join the association. In exchange, these organizations and all the other members gain access to industry research, networking and partnering opportunities, benefit from best practices, and from developed standards.

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The organization's initiatives concern business education, convergence, e-business and software solutions, industry research, it services, it training and education, skills development, and software CEOs. CompTIA's programs are designed to promote industry growth.

TOPIC: Thesis on Project Management Organizations the Most Prominent Project Assignment

Projects in Controlled Environments, or PRINCE2, was established in 1996, and represents the contribution of approximately 150 European organizations.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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