Project Management This Report Stipulates the Final Term Paper

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Project Management

This report stipulates the final report for the planned project entitled "Finding Alternative Suppliers Of Contract Certification Of CNG On Bus Fuel Tanks For the Kingsgrove CNG Powered Fleet." As such, the report delineates the exact steps planned to obtain an alternative service provider for the certification and safety testing of Kingsgrove's CNG tanks.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) offers a revolutionary solution to rising fuel costs and pollution emanating from the public transportation industry. Kingsgrove is among the first to adopt the new, more environmentally friendly gas. In addition to environmental concerns, passenger safety is also at the top of Kingsgrove's priority list. The company takes pride in providing its customers with optimal prices, a focus on sustainable development, along with comfort and safety during their travel experience.

A recent price increase has made it impossible for Kingsgrove to retain their current certification company along with keeping their pricing strategies within a reasonable range. This report is then focused on strategies to obtain the services of a new certification company. The report describes the steps to be taken to achieve this.

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Because of the increased use of alternative fuels, inspection and certification companies have increased, while offering competitive services and prices. This makes the process of finding a new supplier both more complicated and more effective in terms of what is required. A wide selection of companies provide competition and a drive towards excellence of service.

As such, this report describes the steps to be taken for obtaining a new supplier, and concludes with reference to the approval needed for the initiation of the project. With proper management and communication, all foreseen risks and problems should be minimized.


TOPIC: Term Paper on Project Management This Report Stipulates the Final Assignment

Kingsgrove depot finds itself in a privileged market position, in that it was the first to adopt alternative fuel for a fleet of their buses. The use of this gas does not only serve the practical purpose of environmentally friendly operation, but also to set apart Kingsgrove's services in the public mind. Currently, 104 of Kingsgrove's buses are powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). As with any transport facility, safety standards are of optimal importance for passenger security and peace of mind. Therefore, the fuel tanks containing CNG are required to be tested and certified on a regular basis in order to maintain safety standards. The State Transit Authority of New South Wales own the tanks, and require such safety measures as part of an ongoing maintenance routine.

In the past, only one supplier performed safety and certification services for Kingsgrove. The problem is however that this supplier has increased its prices to such a degree that it has become necessary to explore more economic means of safety testing and certification. In order to accomplish this, Kingsgrove will have to take steps in order to ensure that the new supplier is not only adequate in terms of cost, but also in terms of service quality. Several steps need to be taken to ensure this.

Firstly, an invitation is issued for tenders to provide this service to Kingsgrove. When the invitation deadline has expired, the tenders are examined thoroughly to identify the most promising ones in terms of both cost effectiveness and service quality. When two or three selections are made, a final choice is made by means of a meeting between the various stakeholders.

In order to successfully choose a new supplier, it is essential to manage and monitor the process very thoroughly. As maintenance manager, it is my role to assure that the process is carried out in an efficient and effective manner.

To accomplish this, I will need to have regular contact with my subordinates, and appoint a competent manager for each component of the project. I will also need to determine all the possible risks associated with this process.

2. Project: Aims and Objectives

Safety is of utmost importance to any transport service entity. Kingsgrove is however also concerned with the ability to keep their marketing edge in terms of pricing. While the current supplier provided excellent service for a number of years, their substantial price increase has necessitated a change in supplier. With this, Kingsgrove's objective is to provide a continuing excellent level of safety standard while also providing its customers with competitive transport prices.

Specifically, this project has three primary objectives:

To locate a new supplier that is more cost effective than the current supplier.

To assure that the new supplier meets all licensing requirements and safety standards to maintain operations.

To assure that the new supplier will be able to provide services for the required initial contract period.

2.1 Stakeholders

Several stakeholders have an interest in the outcome of this project. These entities should all be considered in terms of their various interest levels as the project is carried out. The table below delineates each stakeholder and the specific interest of the entity.


Role and Risk Level

Regional General Manager

The risk level of the Regional General Manger is high. His responsibility is ultimately focused in any possible legal liability regarding both the old and new supplier.

Kingsgrove Maintenance Manager

The risk level of this individual is also high. The Maintenance Manager is responsible for the execution of all terms in the contract, as well as aspects of legal liability as a result.

Officials of the selected company

RFD Technologies Australia

Walkers Ausgas

The risk incurred by this entity is considerably high. This company is now responsible for the testing and safety certification process, instead of the previous supplier. The risk involved here is that it is a new company. It will be liable in terms of carrying out the contract in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner. As such, they have the highest degree of legal liability.

City of Sydney and State Transit Authority

The risk level for this entity is medium. The risk relates to the Authority's reputation, as well as moderate legal liability. Risks are incurred if contract services are not performed properly, or the occurrence of an accident.


The customers have the lowest risk level, but are also in a position of very little control. Customers are dependent upon the company's level of disclosure regarding the new contract. Furthermore, while all measures will be taken to ensure the quality of service, the fact remains that the testing company is new. This means that customers may run the risk of possible accidents as a result. The cost of service may also rise slightly, to offset the cost of using the new service.

3. Problem Description

Kingsgrove's Compressed Natural Gas fleet is designed as an environmentally friendly public transportation option. It is the company's concern to offer this service at the lowest possible price, while maintaining optimal safety for customers. Over time, the cost of maintaining the CNG fleet is expected to be offset by the savings in fuel costs, offering both the company and its customers substantial financial benefits.

With the gas being derived from natural sources, the CNG fleet also acts as a source of positive public relations with its lower levels of pollution. In order to ensure that the fleet remains a viable option for future public transportation, it is vital that high-quality safety and security measure be in place. This project is therefore an important step in helping to alleviate such maintenance costs.

In order to provide customers with the highest quality of security and peace of mind during their travel experience with Kingsgrove, part of the safety measures of the company is to test and certify the tanks containing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) on a regular basis. This is part of the maintenance plan, also involving regular maintenance on the buses themselves in terms of engine mechanics and electronics. For optimal effect, all these services have to be integrated in a way that ensures a top quality travel experience in terms of both comfort and safety for passengers.

Up until now, Kingsgrove's CNG testing and certification has been performed by Walkers Ausgas. These services have been satisfactory for the duration of the company's contract with Kingsgrove. The problem is however that Walkers Ausgas has recently announced a price increase, without which they would not be able to continue their service to Kingsgrove. If Kingsgrove were then to continue using this service from Ausgas, two problems would result: the first is that, to ensure continuing profits and business survival, Kingsgrove would need to substantially increase its service prices to customers; the second, and related to the first problem, is that this price increase would result in a loss of customers, possibly necessitating further price increases.

It has therefore been decided to explore some alternatives to substantial price increases. The most logical option in so contract a new company for the maintenance of Kingsgrove's CNG fleet. The problems and risks related to this are also substantial, but the main problem of much higher service prices to the customer could be eliminated as a result. It is therefore necessary to conduct a very thorough analysis of the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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