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[. . .] But, because The Project Leader's team had minimal experience in the cabling and wiring area, the Project Leader was not able to minimize costs by reducing the time the contractors were needed. The elctrical contractors instantly became an expensive liability when the work schedule fell behind schedule.

Organizational Planning

Because Spring Academy Childcare Center needed to meet an established date, Small LAN's Inc. felt that the planning phase was crucial to the success of the project. Unfortunately, Small LAN's Inc. planned without the elctrtirican contractors. Small LAN's Inc.'s project manager needed to so better implement the communications process. The link was broken from the beginning.

As a solution to the communication's issue, Spring Academy Childcare Center should have utilized the Work Breakdown Structure to determine whether tasks were being completed in a timely manner or more importantly that quality was being implemented.

Project Roles and Responsibilities

The project implementation team was not coordinated. "Sensitive company-specific information is needed, so the program is best designed and offered by in-house staff. (Madu 272)

Small LAN's Inc. had a complete team but because the contractors for wiring were not in sync with Small LAN's Inc.'s seasoned team, the overall project suffered. For this project, the Spring Academy Childcare Center defined the budget and the desired outcome. But they did not have the required expertise for overseeeing and insuring the outcome.

It was Small LAN's Inc. project leader's responsiblity to reduce the risk of project failiure by having a better understanding of the inherent problems of two new teams working together for the first time.

VI. Communication Management

The project leader should have had regular communications with not only his staff about issues, but it was also the project leader's responsibility to keep the electrician contractors up-to-date about project issues as well as the stakeholders at Spring Academy Childcare Center. There was more to this project thatn simply responding to the staff concerns and questions about the process.

The Work Breakdown Structure should have had a distinct plan to communicate with all team members about potenital risks and what to do if the risks came to fruition. "It depends on vertical and horizontal communications between people in different functional groups and different levels in the organization. Traditional patterns which follow organizational lines have been deficient for making decisions in a project environment. The final step then is the creation of new communication links, lateral relationships, between the people in the project who can carry the information to decision makers in a more timely and effective manner anywhere in the organization." (Stuckenbruck, 59)

Small LAN's Inc. communication plan should have focused on building relationships with project partners, establishing a strong working relationship with the contractors and finding out and responding to the contractor's concerns. "Success in project management requires a form of communication that is in the style of the top administrator and that does not force him or her to change any more than necessary, particularly initially, personal views of the types of information that is going to have to be used." (Stuckenbruck, 175)

The time between project kickoff and the first planning session was not used well. Many projects get bogged down with meetings. "Groupitis refers to confusing matrix behavior with group decision making. The matrix does not require that all business decisions be hammered out in group meetings. (Stuckenbruck 81) But, in this particualr case, the problem was that there were not enough meetings scheduled between the elctrical contractors, the Spring Academy Childcare Center and Small LAN's Inc.

VII. Risk Management

However, the increasing size, complexity, and risk associated with modern, technically sophisticated projects motivated the development of new methods. These methods are superior to Gantt charts for planning (by showing task interdependencies), for scheduling (by highlighting the critical path), and for control (by providing insights into time vs. resources tradeoffs)." (Stuckenbruck, 120)

Small LAN's Inc. was responsible for the overall project risk identification. The Project Leader, Jack Freeman, was ususally confident that he could identify the three types of risks, known, predictable and unpredictable. The known risks and contraints should have been identified before hand.

A risk response development plan needed to be developed. The plan would have Small LAN's Inc. consistently on the same page, knowing what to do and when, regardless of the type of risk. The plan also could have Small LAN's Inc. be prepared to repeat the process fo other customers easily replicating the creation of Local Area Network time and time again.

VIII. Procurement Management

The installation was to include a server in the main office, eight PC's (one in each classroom, one in the director's office and one at the receptionist station), two centralized network printers (one on the first floor and a second on the second floor), and five additional PC's with a color laser printer in the upstairs computer lab. In addition, the contractors were to buy the appropriate wiring necessary to complete the Local Area Network.

Because of budgeting constraints, Small LAN's Inc. purchased completely passive hubs. The contractors purchased 10BaseT wiring because of the same budgeting constraints. A hub is a common connection point for network devices. The simplest form of hub is completely passive - it contains no electronics, it's just a collection of connected ports, and exists only to make wiring more convenient. This sort of hub doesn't work with 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet, and isn't very practical for larger 10Base2 networks because of 10Base2's rather limited segment length.

Outsourcing Task

Over time, if people try hard, they will learn to work together and overcome communication problems." (Kennedy, 166) Small LAN's Inc. was usually very reliable in regard to outsourcing tasks. In this project however, the firm was not in control of hiring the wiring contractors. The bulk of the project was done in house which elimeinated much of the conflict. Small LAN's Inc. was comfortable with scheduling the project but the contractors were on their own schedule which evetually led to the delays.

IX. Conclusion

Projects are a success or failure because stakeholders of a project are either satisfied or dissatisfied. Small LAN's Inc. installed a Local Area Network as it was asked to do. The problem was that the Network was not fully funtunal until June 23rd. The original scope of the project needed the Local Area Network completly functional by June 10th.

In many projects, planning is a process that seeks to identify and describe the tasks to be done forgetting perhaps that these tasks are simply a means to an end. This task orientation leads to plans that are out of date almost as soon as they are created placing an unacceptable burden on someone to keep them up-to-date. The time spent updating the plan is time that cannot be spent managing the project and in the worse case the project may be out of control before anyone, least of all the project manager, knows it has happened. Not surprisingly, these projects then deliver (if they deliver anything at all) products and outcomes that are simply not suitable for the purpose intended.

In this case, Spring Academy Childcare Center had no functioning computer system in place for the opening of the summer camp. In addtion, the delay caused other issues such as staff training. Spring Academy Childcare Center had allotted time for teacher training with the new systems while there were no children in the school. But, the delay had school administrators shuffling staff between training and teaching. Since Spring Academy Childcare Center was a paying customer, the project in their opinion was not a success

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