Project Management There Are Several Tasks Thesis

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Project Management

There are several tasks that are involved in the planning and initiation stage of the project. The first is going to be to initiate contact with the local government to gauge their readiness for such a project. If they are amenable, tentative plans should be drawn up. This will involve beginning the site selection process, gathering possible designs and identifying target markets. With a sense of the market and the site, the financing team can go ahead and work with the local government and the company's bankers to acquire the funds and push the project forward. At that point, final design can be undertaken and construction commenced.

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John Smith

Sam Holiday

Dakar Yoff

Daisy Debit

Ted Rivers

Frank Tower

Project Mgr



Local Liaison




Initial discussions with local government

Target market identification

Site selection







Government liaison work


Responsible for Contribute to Approval

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2. A work breakdown structure can be used to help summarize and visualize the complex set of information that goes into determining how a project is completed. There are multiple deliverables for this project. See Appendix A for the WBS.

TOPIC: Thesis on Project Management There Are Several Tasks That Assignment

3. Much information needs to be collected in order for this project to proceed. The first set of information will be market information regarding travel to Cape Verde. The marketing department is responsible for estimating not only the potential size of the Cape Verde travel market but also for determining the demographic characteristics of that Target market. This will help us to shape the project, in terms of its features, size and marketing.

We will also need a substantial amount of information about Cape Verde before we begin. The country is a small island nation off the coast of Africa, with a population of just over 400,000 (CIA World Factbook, 2010). We need to know a lot of things about the country, from the number of English speakers to the ways in which we can deal with the chronic water shortages there. We need to know about their environmental regulations, and the amount of government support for this project we can expect. Our local liaison Dakar Yoff will procure this information and deliver it to the Project Manager, who will then disseminate it to the relevant functional managers.

We also need to know about the local construction workforce, if it meets our needs. Mr. Yoff will work with our Construction head Frank Tower. If there are any needs that cannot be met by the local workforce, Mr. Yoff will investigate the possibility of getting guest workers into the country.

Most of the information will be gained from primary sources, including both the market research and the local research. This information will be communicated prior to the launching of the project, in written form that can be used for future reference.

4. Cape Verde is a relatively undeveloped country, and not without good reason. It is a difficult place in which to set up this type of business. However, the government has recently taken steps to improve the economy by encouraging tourism development. The government is trying move away from the all-inclusive model, which could shape our project (Turkish Weekly, 2009). The government has recognized the importance of tourism to economic development, which hopefully will result in a lot of support. Cape Verde has a lot of other things going for it as well.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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