Project Management, Sustainability and Whole Term Paper

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Signifying the city's rapid transition from a mining boomtown to a modern metropolis, Freed wrapped the classical Beaux-Arts inspired cornice around the south side of the building, before suddenly revealing a modern facade of strikingly austere steel windows and stone walls.

For visitors to the San Francisco Main Public Library, the architectural skill of Freed can be felt through a variety of subtle design features. Many observers have lauded the inclusion of a towering atrium as a beautiful and effective means to facilitate natural lighting and climate control, and as the design firm responsible for the atrium's inclusion states proudly, "internal organization centers around a monumental open staircase and a five-story atrium, 60 feet in diameter, that provides a luminous hub of orientation" (Pei, Cobb, Freed & Partners, 2001). Although public appraisal has been nearly unanimous that the "library's huge, multistory atrium gives the building a soaring, open feel," many critics have remarked that this design feature has sacrificed functionality for form, decrying the fact that "the $137 million building seems to have been designed more as an architectural masterwork than as a working library" (Wildermuth, 2000). Nonetheless, with an abundance of perfectly integrated bridges and elevators to assure a smooth flow of traffic for library patrons, as well as a cleverly designed network of entrances and exits that integrates the building into the surrounding cityscape, the San Francisco Main Public Library stands as a testament to the success that can be achieved by blending historical and modern architectural styles.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Project Management, Sustainability and Whole Assignment

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