Project Management Team Building Essay

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Project Management

Team Building

a) There are several team building techniques that trainers use based on the objectives that must be reached. Some of the most efficient techniques are represented by personal development activities, team development activities, and organizing social activities. Personal development activities refer to individual programs assigned to different groups. This technique helps team members improve their skills and performance at work, influencing the efficiency of the team and of the project they are involved in. Team development activities focus on certain games intended to help team members approach the problems they are confronted with, and how to improve the activities they are developing within the project in case. Social activities are simple strategies used by companies in order to improve relationships between team members.

These team building techniques are considered efficient because of the numerous different purposes they can be used for. These techniques are oriented towards improving communication within teams and groups (Midura & Glover, 2005). The success of different projects also relies on the efficiency of communication. In addition to this, these team building techniques are intended to improve the problem solving and decision making skills of team members. This allows individuals that work in projects use these skills in addressing the numerous situations that require such skills (Wallace, 2007). Team members' abilities regarding business planning are also addressed by these team building techniques (McNamara, 2010).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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b) Some of the most efficient team building techniques include: teamwork activities, group bonding sessions, and team development activities. Teamwork activities are represented by several exercises that managers use in order to improve relationships between members of their teams. This is extremely useful in the case of new teams where members have not previously worked with each other. Group bonding sessions are usually represented by trips and other activities sponsored by the company with the objective of helping team members develop strong relationships that improve their productivity (Borysowich, 2008). Team development activities are represented by games intended to help individuals improve problem solving skills. There are several advantages from using these team building techniques. They are usually intended to significantly motivate teams involved in different projects, to improve communication, to increase the productivity of team members, and others. These techniques are also used in improving organizational culture and in increasing employee loyalty.

2. a) Project managers use different techniques in order to evaluate and control the projects they are involved in. Such a technique is represented by earned value management. This technique refers to measuring the performance and progress of projects based on objective evaluation. In this case, managers focus on measuring the objectives of the project, its schedule and costs by integrating them in a system. Earned value management has significant effects on some of the project's activities. This strategy helps managers improve the planning activity that refers to scheduling the project, but also to establishing the importance of tasks and activities attributed to the project team. In addition to this, earned value management is useful in improving the control on the progress of the project (Dwivedi, 2011).

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