Project Management the Wedding Term Paper

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Project Management of the Wedding

Project management the wedding

Work breakdown structure

Responsibility Allocation

Network Diagram

The purpose of the report is to identify specific activities for wedding planning of Tony and Peggy Sue. The scope of the planning activity is regarding the necessary activities for planning, arrangement, and wedding ceremony due within the next six months (1st January -- 30th June). All activities concerning the planning of their wedding are covered within the scope of this project report.

The project of wedding planning is concerning the culinary chef Tony and Teacher Peggy Sue's due wedding on 30th June, both are living and working in Dallas, Taxes. However Tony's parents are currently living in New York and Sue's mother and sisters live in Cornfield, Nebraska. It is also noted that Tony belongs to middle class family. He has a fairly extended family along with the friends.

The Sue's father has died long ago and her family is consists of limited members. The affordability of the wedding activities for Sue's family is limited according to their resources while Tony's family can afford extended wedding celebrations. There are loans to pay, taken during their studies for both of them. There are certain issues related to their parent's assumptions regarding their settlement after getting married.

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There is some issues related to the key issues among both families, mostly regarding the rituals of weeding. The important issues are concerning the number of guests, place of wedding, and settlement place after wedding. The key roles assumption for their cousins, sisters, and brothers is also a notable concern. In order for them to hold a normal course of weeding all these concerns should be addressed accordingly and assumption of reasonability for issues settlement is also on their own shoulders.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Project Management the Wedding Assignment

A key decision is also required to finalize the place of their wedding. It can objectively resolve certain patty issues rated to number of guests, rituals, and roles of their relatives. However the key issues influencing actual planning of their weeding require detailed planning activities. In order to undertake a project planning approach both should make certain assumptions. These assumptions are listed in the relevant section. These activities are identified in the later sections.

The work breakdown structure is also prepared accordingly. The later section is focused to elaborate a list of activities required to be performed within the period of six months. The assumption of responsibility is also established after listing the activities. The network diagram is prepared to provide vivid linkages and dependencies of the project. Finally the conclusion provides a summary of assumptions, work breakdown structure, key activities, assumption of responsibility, and a network diagram including all activities.

List of Assumption:

1) All expenses of the wedding are paid by the couple.

2) the Wedding is arranged in Dallas, Texas.

3) the roles and participation in wedding rituals is equally distributed among both sides.

4) the wedding is planned and executed in an organized fashion as well as with the participation of both parties.

5) the equal treatment is given to both families and accommodation is arranged by the couple, yet paid by the inhabitants.

6) the couple receives cash only gifts.

Work breakdown structure:

The above mentioned work break down structure is created to facilitate a better understanding of the activities required to be performed until the wedding day. It has a wedding plan and two assistant activities associated with it; one is regarding the allocation of family roles. It is dealt at the family level and roles will be decided and allocated to the respective members by the couple. The wedding will take place in Dallas is also a couple's decision and both family will be required to agree with it after arguments in the favor. The five major activities are also identified to be completed. These activities are Invitations, Venue for Reception, Appointment for ceremony, Honey Moon planning, and finally Dress selection and rings. The Venue for reception also has a sub-activity named as floral arrangements and decor.

List of Activities:

The list of activities provides a vivid picture of the required tasks which is useful in creating a systematic approach towards completion of the activities. The tasks associated with each activity facilitates in understanding the concept that what is required to complete the identified activity. The tasks can also be denoted as sub-activities of an activity. Successful Project Management requires a detailed description of the breakdown for each activity.

The list of activities is prepared by the couple to see the key activities related to their wedding plan. They would like to record all related activities for reminder purposes. The intention to prepare the list revolves around the fact the couple has a busy schedule. They hardly find time to sit together and plan things as it is already mentioned that Tony is a chef and his duty starts at lunch time until late in the night. Whereas Sue is a teacher and she starts her work early in the morning and finished around 2 Pm. Tony has a day off on Monday with busy weekend schedule. Sue's school is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Hence the couple does not have adequate time for coordinating their activities. Therefore they decided to breakdown the activities in such a way that they can complete them in their available time. The list of activities prepared for the weeding project is presented below.

Activity 1: Family

Task 1: Communication with family regarding no of guests and venue

Task 2: Roles Allocation for wedding rituals

Activity 2: Wedding

Task 1: Finalization of Dallas as the place for Wedding

Activity 3:Invitations

Task 1: Prepare List of Invitees

Task 2: Invitation postage to friends

Task 3:Invitation postage to family

Activity 4:Venue for Reception

Task 1:Confirmed List of Invitees

Task 2:Venue Selection According to Budget and list of invitees

Activity 5:Appointment for ceremony

Task 1: Book Church Appointment

Task 2: Payment for Bookings

Activity 6:Honey Moon planning

Task 1: Destination Planning

Task 2: Hotel Booking

Task 3: Tickets Bookings

Task 4: Budget Allocation

Activity 7:Dress selection and rings

Task 1: Selection of dress and rings

Task 2: Purchase of dress and rings

Activity 8: Venue for Reception

Task 1: Selecting floral and decor

Task 2: Booking with wedding planner and payment

Responsibility Allocation:

The allocation of specific activities has two basic levels. The responsibility to perform the actual task and overall responsibility to monitor its completion are two important components of project management. It is essential to allocate the activity responsibility and clearly communities it to the concerned person. The overall responsibility is established to implement check in case it is not performed by the entity to women the task is dedicated. The overall reasonable entity is reasonable for overlooking the task. It is also required to be completed within the specified time as a key requirement of project management principles.

The family and wedding activities are performed by both and Sue is reasonable for making sure that it is performed within time. Tony is reasonable to communicate with his family and Sue will undertake similar task for his family. Tony will communicate the outcome to Sue in order to inform her with the status of the activity. Similarly the invitations will be Witten and posted to the concerned persons by both according to their list of invitees. Sue will be overall reasonable as a role of oversight is allocated to her in first four activities. The delays will be managed by Sue through reinforcement and reminding Tony to complete task within time. Venue reception is also performed by both taking one task each and it is completed through informing Sue about the status.

The appointment for ceremony will be sought by Sue and Toney will oversight the activity. Honeymoon will be plan and arranged by Sue with the help of Tony providing a guideline for selecting destination according to their budget. The tickets are gifted from Tony's parents therefore he will confirm the completion of the task. Dress and rigs selection is also a mixed takes as Tony will buy his and Sue will be responsible to buy her based on the suggestions for each other's dress and ring. The floral arrangement will be booked and arranged by Tony and Sue will approve the activity by finalizing the design and decor color schemes.

Activity No



Overall Responsibility



Tony & Sue




Tony & Sue




Tony & Sue



Venue for Reception

Tony & Sue



Appointment for ceremony




Honey Moon planning




Dress selection and rings

Tony & Sue



Floral Arrangement and Decor




Developing a network diagram is significant in project management;it has multiple advantages including the development of understanding that which task is dependent on the other. The sequence of activities has a significant value in project management. It enables the identification of dependent activities as well as the independent activities the project. There are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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