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While on the surface, it would be easy to point blame on the project members who were responsible for the mix up in the case, ultimately it is the project manager's responsibility to address many of these quality concerns. In this case, the project manager quickly recognized their role transgression and worked to address the issue without any blame placed on the subordinates.

How does verification/validation and change control support quality in an IT project?

Verification and validation are useful tools to support quality control in any IT project. This shifts the testing process from the end of the development process as it is commonly found, to an ongoing process that can instituted whenever a task changes hands. For example, using verification and validation, once a project member hands off a task to the next project member responsible for the next activity, it is the new project member that should first start to validate the work that has been passed off to him and verify that it meets all of the specifications and quality standards. Without an intermediary step such as this, a project member could be working on a flawed project component without ever realizing it. This can create redundancy and excessive costs. It is almost always cheaper to correct quality issues as early in the process as feasibly possible and verification and validation are tools that can facilitate the identification of quality issues.

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Term Paper on Project Management IT Project Management Assignment

The project team should focus on internal and external customers because this will facilitate quality throughout the entire project and reduce the number of errors that occur. The external customer is usually a standard consideration in most projects. This customer is generally the one that is most commonly associated with the concept of a customer. However, it is possible to view internal team members as customers too. Although this is generally a counterintuitive image of a "customer" if team members are also viewed as customers then it would be reasonable to suspect that this would inject a higher level of quality control into project functions. That is, if team members viewed the team members of the project in which they pass their work off to as customers then this might foster a higher dedication to quality among the group. This also fits well with the concepts of validation and verification because the team members will also view someone else's work as a product and put themselves in the role of a customer.

ERP and Change Management at Nestle

What, from a project management perspective, could Nestle have done better in implementing SAP?

Nestle's installation of SAP was criticized because it was more of an installation of software than a more comprehensive implementation. The difference in these two concepts can explain the problems that Nestle experienced from a project management perspective. In many cases, especially in an ERP project, the organization must redesign their business processes to fit into the software suite. In Nestle's case, the entire organization virtually had to reengineer there processes to use the same standards and practices in all of its fragmented operations. However, the process of business process engineering is a complex process that is often underestimated. Nestle assumed that the different division would be able to adapt to the new system with relative ease.

However, this was certainly not the case. Although the software may have worked flawlessly when it was rolled out, nobody seemed to know how to use it. Each division had their own unique challenges with the new system since they were migrating from entirely different systems altogether. Furthermore, the division staff was ill equipped to understand or adapt to the new system without a significant amount of new user training; which from the case, did not seem to occur. However, the worst part of the entire project is that there was no end users buy in. The different divisions were all flooded with a multitude of challenges all at the same time and there wasn't much motivation for them to really overcome these obstacles and adapt to the new system.

The primary lesson that Dunn says she gained from this project is "No major software implementation is really about the software. It's about change management." Do you agree with her statement? Discuss why you agree or disagree.

This statement would apply to the case that is illustrated in the book, but might not necessarily apply to all software implementation projects. One example of major software implementation that would be pretty much all about the software would be a major update that didn't change much of the main GUI or the functionality of the software suite. In such a case the implementation would not necessarily be about change management since the changes to the end users would be relatively minimal and maybe even barely noticed.

However, when the software represents a revolutionary jump from an existing system, then the statement about the project being more about change management would almost undoubtedly be true in all cases. Change management deals with a lot more than just installing software. From this perspective the end users must be prepared to use the new system fully. This requires a significant amount of training. Furthermore, in regards to project management, in such a revolutionary change it is generally better to involve as many end users in the project as possible to gather useful feedback as to what challenges they may face when using the system. In Nestle's case, if they would have involved a team from each of the different divisions in the project then the entire project would have stood a much better chance at being… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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